Jazz and Rocco

  • About Jazz

    Jazz knows everyone at the RCH. Like, everyone! And she’s very interested in how the RCH helps sick children. Which means if there’s someone looking after children, Jazz wants to know what they do. And if they use special equipment, she has to know how it works!

    So if you want to know about those things too, you’ve got a special friend at the RCH – Jazz!

    Jazz image

    About Rocco

    Before he started at the RCH Rocco had done a little bit of everything, like playing bass guitar in a band, and even working as a barista! But the minute Rocco stepped into Main Street at the RCH, it struck a chord.

    He loves exploring, so he knows lots of special places at the RCH that visitors sometimes don’t know about. But most of all Rocco loves meeting the kids at the RCH. They love him too – maybe because he’s a bit cheeky!

    Rocco image