Administrative records management

  • All Victorian public sector employees and government agencies must comply with mandatory standards and specifications, established under the authority of the Public Records Act 1973, for managing the records they create and receive in their work.

    Victorian public sector employees include all staff working for Government agencies. This includes those employed on fixed term contracts and under casual or contractor arrangements.

    To comply with mandatory requirements, all public sector employees must:

    • create full and accurate records;
    • ensure records include information that will allow others to easily understand;
    • consider recordkeeping requirements;
    • ensure records are captured;
    • ensure safety and security of records;
    • consider the sensitivity of the information;
    • only release records when authorised;
    • only destroy records when authorised;
    • familiarise themselves with organisational recordkeeping policies

    Records Management Framework

    Administrative Records Management 

    RCH clinical (patient) records

    Please note that RCH Administrative Records Management does not control, or have access to, any patient medical records.

    For access and information to patient records please contact the Health Information Services Department. Please note Health Information Services is only accessible by hospital staff.