Recognising anxiety

Recognising anxiety in children

  • It’s normal for children to worry sometimes. But some children have extreme, frequent, ongoing fears and worries that stop them taking part in typical activities, such as school, social events or playing.

    If your child is showing signs of anxiety, it might be time to find out more.

  • Signs of anxiety (primary school aged children)

    Anxiety can be hard to recognise in children. The signs are varied and include common experiences such as tummy aches, tantrums and difficulty sleeping.

    These signs are normal for children to experience from time to time. But when these signs appear frequently, in an ongoing pattern and cause your child to struggle with or avoid everyday activities, they may be indicators of a anxiety condition or disorder.


    If your child needs help with anxiety, explore ways to support them at home, try an online program or speak to your GP, another health professional, or their teacher.