• When to refer

    Please note the RCH Weight Management Service accepts referrals for complex obesity.

    BMI >95th percentile with:

    • Neurological or physical disability (ASD, GDD, ID, Physical Disability) 
    • restricted eating with risk of micronutrient deficiencies (Iron, Vit A,C,E, B12) OR other medical diagnosis necessitating ongoing specialist paediatric care 

    BMI >95th percentile with NO DISABILITY but with at least one established/diagnosed obesity related comorbidity:

    • LFT abnormality
    • Hyperlipidaemia
    • Hypertension
    • Impaired glucose tolerance
    • Obstructive sleep apnoea (please also refer to Respiratory at the time of referral to Weight Management, faxed as separate referral)
    • Orthopaedic complication (NB: SUFE must have Endocrinology referral and assessment prior to being referred to Weight Management Service)

    We acknowledge that good mental health is a critically important for young people. If the young person you are referring requires mental health assessment or support please refer to local services at time of referral to the Weight Management clinic. The psychologist in the Weight Management Service provides assessment and linkage to community services. They do not provide ongoing therapy.

    Exclusion Criteria

    • Please note there is an upper age limit for referrals of 16 years. 
    • Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes - please direct referrals to the Endocrinology Service
    • Eating disorders - please direct referrals to the Adolescent Medicine Service
    • We do not see typically developing children who have obesity with no demonstrable comorbidities. Children and adolescents who do not meet the referral criteria should have ongoing care with their GP or paediatrician and local allied health (dietitian, psychology, exercise physiology, etc.) 

    If your referral does not meet the eligibility criteria above but there are high risk concerns for it to be considered as an exception, please contact us for consideration on case by case basis.

    Pre-referral work-up

    • Height AND weight measurement (serial measurements if available) 
    • Standard family history and physical examination, including blood pressure with appropriate sized cuff.
    • Pathology test results

    Please refer to the 'Management of Overweight and Obesity - for healthcare professionals' section for further information regarding medical assessment 

    How to refer

    Please FAX your referral to (03) 9345 5034.

    Click here if you wish to download a referral form

    For clinical advice or to discuss a more urgent referral call the Weight Management Service on 9345 4765.