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Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  • Is screening safe? What are the risks of screening?

    Hearing screening is quick and safe. Your baby might experience some brief discomfort when the earcups are removed. There is a small risk that the hearing screen might not pick up a baby who is born with hearing that needs further investigation.

    What are the risks of not screening for hearing? Are there any alternatives to screening?

    The main risk of not having a hearing screen is delay in diagnosis if a baby has a hearing loss. Early diagnosis allows for early assistance which gives babies with a hearing loss the best possible start. There are no alternatives to newborn hearing screening.

    My baby responds to loud noises so why should they be screened or referred to audiology?

    Hearing loss is more complex than simply being able to hear loud sounds. Most babies with hearing loss will still react to loud sounds. The important sounds for speech and language development are soft sounds and these are difficult to test in newborns without specialist equipment.