Scope of practice

  • VFPMS members have a defined scope of practice. This is determined by the hospitals in which the members practice. Criteria for determining scope of practice include:

    1. Postgraduate Qualification
      1. In paediatric medicine, child health and / or forensic medicine.
      2. VFPMS Trainees who are working towards obtaining qualifications in paediatric medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Forensic Medicine or other specialist training will also be supervised in their clinical practice during their rotation with VFPMS.
    2. Specialised Practice (proven experience)
      1. Evaluation of injury
      2. Videocolposcopy
      3. Provision of medico legal reports
      4. Provision of expert opinion and expert testimony
    3. Approved training to undertake procedure or specialist practice
      1. Specialist training in the evaluation of child sexual abuse (e.g. DSAC)
      2. Training in injury evaluation
      3. Training in presentation of evidence (written and verbal)
    4. Documentation of scope of practice
      1. Scope of practice - VFPMS template