Prof John Hutson

  • Professor John Hutson is the Chair of Paediatric Surgery at the University of Melbourne, and one of the Consultant Paediatric Urologists at The Royal Children's Hospital.

    Prof. Hutson has spent 25 years with a special interest in embryology of sexual development and testicular descent, and in recent years has developed special expertise in the management  of disorders of the large bowel, including anorectal anomalies, Hirschsprung disease and slow-transit constipation.

    He is the author of numerous papers and books for teaching medical students, as well as monographs on testicular descent, kidney and urogenital malformations, anorectal malformations and disorders of sex development.

    Prof. Hutson consults with both public and private patients.  Please refer to the details below to send a referral for your child.

    Private rooms:
    Paediatric Urology Victoria
    Suite 3.4-3.5, Level 3
    48 Flemington Road
    PARKVILLE  VIC  3052
    T:  03 9345 5280
    F:  03 7000 5075
    E:  admin@puv.com.au
    W: www.puv.com.au

    Public patients:
    Please fax all referrals directly to 03 9345 5034