About Urology

  • The department of paediatric urology was established in February 2006. The development of expertise in specific areas brought about the division of the department of paediatric surgery into separate departments of paediatric and neonatal surgery and paediatric Urology each providing highly specialised management of specific conditions. The Royal Children's Hospital has achieved worldwide acclaim for its contributions to the field of paediatric urology. For a brief history of paediatric urology at The Royal Children's Hospital please visit the History of paediatric urology at the RCH page.

    Our team comprises of dedicated health professionals and administrative staff working together to improve health outcomes of infants, children and adolescents with disorders of the urinary tract and genitalia. We provide a comprehensive range of inpatient, outpatient and investigational services catering for a wide variety of conditions requiring both operative and non-operative management. In addition to the provision of paediatric urological services for the greater Melbourne metropolitan area and regional Victoria, we provide tertiary and quaternary level paediatric urology services for patients from Tasmania, Western Australia, southern New South Wales and New Zealand. 

    Undergraduate and postgraduate education are fundamental to the department's philosophy and activity. Clinical and experimental research is part of the continued development and evolution of the department. Clinical and research opportunities exist within the department and for further information interested candidates should contact the department.

    Urology team