Transition Support Service

What does transition mean for you

    • Transition is a co-ordinated process that involves your health care team/s, a transition lead [coordinator], your parents/carers and most importantly yourself. This team will help you to develop a transition plan that can be put into action during your time at the RCH.
    • The most important person in this process is you! You will have an active role, helping to determine your readiness through setting goals and learning strategies to achieve them. This process will occur gradually giving you time to learn new skills before you leave the RCH.
    • Each transition process will be different depending on your own individual needs.
    • Transition should be an enjoyable and planned process which commences during your adolescent years. The timing of your transition will vary and transfer can occur before you turn 19 years of age.
    • The skills you develop through the transition process will give you greater independence with your health care and help you to manage your own health and wellbeing to the best of your ability. For some of you, transition will be a shared care process with your parents/carers.

    For more information please see Transition: The basics for young people