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Transition challenges for young people

  • As with most new things, you may have concerns about your transition planning or transfer to adult health care, including:

    • Your new adult health service being unfamiliar 
    • Communicating between multiple adult services
    • Transferring your health care information
    • Being involved in your health care 
    • Negotiating your independence 
    • Navigating different health systems and expectations

    Here are some helpful tips to assist you to manage this change:

    • Be informed
    • Plan early for transition 
    • Develop your self-management skills 
    • Set achievable goals to work towards. For example, learn your medication names and dosages.
    • Know what supports and resources are available to you – ask your medical team if there is a social worker, a nurse coordinator, a nurse educator or someone who could help you with your question or concern.
    • Advocate for yourself in the health care system. For example, ask questions if you don’t understand anything or if you need to know more.