Transition Support Service

Phases of adolescent transition

  • There are four general phases for an effective transition process.

    Introductory/Planning Phase (12-15 years approximately)

    This phase involves an introduction to the concept of transition, starting the information exchange, and an assessment of your knowledge of your medical condition and how to manage it to the best of your ability.

    Preparation Phase (15-18 years approximately)

    This phase involves starting to have a conversation with your doctor, without your parent/carer if appropriate. It also involves developing a transition plan and having a Transition Lead assigned to you (the person who will help manage the transition process).

    Transfer Phase (18-19 years)

    This phase involves preparing you for transfer and an information exchange between your health care team/s at the RCH and your new adult care team/s. 

    Evaluation (6-18 months post-transfer)

    This phase involves follow up contact with you, including the opportunity for written evaluation and feedback of the transition experience.