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Links for young people

  • General health and wellbeing

    Health and medical information to improve individuals knowledge. Information on medical conditions, treatments, living healthy, relationships and where to get support is provided.

    Chronic Illness Peer Support Program (RCH)

    ChIPS is a vibrant peer support program for young people, led by young people, which offers a wide range of opportunities for members who are:

    • 12 to 25 years of age.
    • Living with a primary diagnosis of a chronic illness. 
    • Able to attend an intake program, either Eight Week Group or a two day Intensive.
    • Ready and able to participate and function well in a group setting.
    • For more detailed referral criteria please contact the ChIPS office on (03) 9345 6616.

    Based at the Royal Children's Hospital (Department of Adolescent Medicine) in Melbourne, ChIPS works to engage young people from metropolitan and rural Victoria.

    Better Health Channel 
    Information for young people about a variety of topics such as health, learning and careers. A lot of the information is very general and some great advice is provided.

    Get Out There
    A Queensland Government website with general information for young people about health, education, law, shopping, going to schoolies and more presented in a fun and interactive format.

    Medikidz (NZ)
    Medikidz provides easy to understand medical information for kids and young people.

    Need 2 Know (UK)
    Here you can gt information and facts about a range of issues like travel, money matters, relationships, learning and taking time out for yourself.

    Reach Out
    Information and support so you can get through tough times. You can find information and stories about mental health issues, explore tools and resources designed to help you out and connect to other young people using the forums and blogs available.

    Developed by young people, for young people. Quality-assured information is provided about a range of topics that aim to empower young people to address their physical, emotional and social health needs.

    Teenage Health Freak (UK)
    Information for young people about a range of health issues presented in a fun way.

    Teens First for Health (UK)
    Here you can find information about getting healthy and staying healthy in terms of physical and emotional wellbeing.

    Teens Health (USA)
    Articles on a range of issues affecting young people are provided. Browse information about medical conditions, fitness, relationships, your body and mind, sexual health, drugs, alcohol and more.

    Think you Know (UK)
    Information for young people about using the internet and being safe online.

    Tune in Not Out
    Information on a range of topics that interest young people including alcohol, exams, mental health and relationships. Information is presented ina fun and friendly way using blogs, videos and lots of discussions.

    Young Men's Health
    Designed to help teenage boys understand health and development issues as well as specific medical conditions.

    Young Women's Health
    Designed to help teenage girls understand health and development issues as well as specific medical conditions.

    Youth Central
    Articles, reviews, news, advice, podcasts, competitions, games plus more. Advice about a whole range of information for young people is provided including working, studying, managing money, travelling, accommodation, health, relationships and rights.
    Is described as the central hub for government information for young people. It links young people to information about rights, law, education, employment, the Australian Youth Forum and much more.

    Youth Health Talk (UK)
    Provides information about young people's real life health experiences using blogs and video stories.

    Mental health

    Butterfly Foundation
    Support, advice and information is provided for people who suffer from any type of eating disorder.

    Information, stories and fact sheets on mental health issues as well as links to support services around Australia.

    It's Allright
    Provides help and support to those suffering from a mental illness or young people who have a relative with mental illness.

    SANE Asutralia
    Support for people with mental health issues.

    Is a website focused on men, masculinities and gender politics providing a range of resources on issues like sexuality that affect both men and women.

    Young Minds (UK)
    A website for young people offering information for mental and emotional wellbeing.

    Youth Beyond Blue
    Provides information and stories about young people living with depression or anxiety.

    Sexual health and relationships

    Completely Gorgeous
    Here young women can find information about body image and self esteem in a friendly and fun format.

    Bursting the Bubble
    Provides facts on domestic violence and abuse for young people .

    Go Ask Alice (USA)
    A question and answer website where you can ask a question and get advice or read other young people's questions. Sexual health advice is not the only topic and the opportunity to ask questions about a range of topics is available. This website is recommended for young people 17 years and over.

    Like It Is
    Information about sex education and sexual health issues for teenagers. Topics include relationships, STI's, teenage pregnancy, periods, peer pressure, sexuality, contraception plus more.

    Love is not Abuse
    An area just for teens provides an explanation of dating abuse including facts and how to seek help.

    Love; the good, the bad and the ugly
    All types of relationships and how to deal with them are discussed using topic questions on this website.

    Sex Etc (USA)
    Sexual health information written by teens for teens. A forum, videos and plenty of information provide loads of cool facts and resources. This website is recommended for young people 17 years and over.

    Sex! Life!
    Family Planning Victoria provides a website with a range of resources about sexual health.

    Sex Txt
    Sexual health information and advice is provided and you can even text a question in and get an answer in return.

    Your Sex Health
    Safe sex, reproduction, sexual health and male and female matters are discussed here.

    Education and employment

    RCH Education Institute
    The RCH Education Institute is committed to ensuring that young people continue their connection to learning whilst at hospital, they can also link you to a range of information or even get in touch with your school to discuss extra support.

    Australian Apprenticeships
    A government website about apprenticeships, what they are, how to get one and where you can look to find one.

    Australian Universities
    A guide to universities found in Australia, search or browse by state.

    Bullying No Way
    Trying to raise awareness of bullying in schools, this website provides lots of information for students on ways to cope with bullying, who to talk to and the different kids of bullying out there.

    Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
    A government website that provides information, resouces and fun stuff for students.

    Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
    A government website that explores a range of information on school, university, tafe, youth, skills and indigenous education.

    Futures for Young Adults
    Here you can find information about the transition from school to work.

    Going to Uni
    Information for young people in Australia about heading off to uni, what to study and where you can study it.

    Graduate Careers
    Compares information about a bunch of career opportunities, find out what it takes to begin a career, where you can get the qualifications and what you'll expect after you graduate.

    Job Guide
    An indepth look at a range of occupations and how to achieve them for young people.

    Job Search
    A government database where you can run a free search for jobs up for grabs in your area.

    My Future
    A career exploration and information service where you can search careers and gain knowledge about relevant courses.

    My Path
    Search for programs and services for young people in your area.

    Skills Victoria
    Information about Australia's current, emerging and furture workforce skills and development. Here you can find information on tafe and other training courses.

    Victorian Aboriginal Education Association
    Support for Indigenous people in the areas of education and learning.

    Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning
    Find out everything you want to know about VCAL, the hands on option for school students.

    Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
    Find out everything you need to know about the VCAA, the body who sets the guidelines about schooling from Prep- Year 12.

    Victoria Online
    Find local, state and federal government information on topics like education, employment, emergencies and safety, environment, economy and more.

    Wise Employment
    Wise Employment is committed to supporting disadvantaged people to find, maintain and learn skills around employment opportunities.

    Year 12, what next?
    Here you can find out about different options open to you after you finish school.

    Alcohol and drugs

    Between the Lines
    Information for young people about drugs and alcohol use, Between the Lines aims to facilitate open conversations from young people and health professionals about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

    Cautious with Cannabis
    This website deals specifically with cannibis and it's effects on young people.

    Drink Meter
    An interactive meter to measure your Blood Alcohol Concentration as well as information about drinking and the implications it may have.

    Feeling Good
    A website for young women about smoking tobacco including personal stories and how to get help to quit smoking.

    Information on young people about cannabis including videos and stories shared by young people.

    National Drugs Campaign
    Aims to reduce young people's motivation to use illicit drugs by providing them with the facts.

    Information for young people about the effects of tobacco.

    Youth Projects
    Provides health, employment, training and education services to disadvantaged, unemployed, homeless or drug and alcohol dependent youth.

    Youth Substance Abuse Service
    Provides services to young people who are experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol. Treatment, withdrawl and rehabilitation options are all available.

    What's the Rush
    Detailed, factual and informative information about drugs and alcohol is provided for young people.

    Laws and rights

    Law Stuff
    Information about laws and rights concerning people under 18 years of age is provided on a range of topics including sex, drugs and alcohol, moving out of home, buying a car and renting a house.

    My Nite
    Aims to reinforce issues with young people on topics such as drugs and alcohol, cyber safety, harrassment, legal rights and road safety.

    Victorian Aboriginal Legal Services
    Provides legal aid to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to promote social justice and power for Indigenous Austrlians.

    Represents young people and youth services to help them stay engaged, supported and vlaued. There are also links to some interesting programs for young people.

    Youth Affairs Council of Victoria
    Is the peak body and leading policy advocate for young people in Victoria. You can apply to join the YACVic reference committee and have a say on issues that affect youth.

    Youth Law
    State wide community legal centre for young people that provides confidential legal advice.

    Advocacy and independence

    Action for Community Living
    Provides programs for people with disabilities, including advocacy and leadership opportunities.

    Association for Children with a Disability
    An information, support and advocacy program for people with a disability.

    Disability Justice Advocacy inc.
    A service for people with disabilities to help support their needs as well as their rights.

    E.W Tipping Foundation
    Providing support services to people with disabilities.

    Getting Out
    Information for young people about becoming independent in areas like education, housing, money matters and socialising.

    Housing Choices Australia
    Information and options for people with disabilities or socio-economic disadvantage.

    National Welfare Rights
    Support for people who need help with social services such as youth allowance and disability support.

    Practical matters

    Ambulance Cover
    If you have a medical condition or disability it is important to have ambulance cover. Ambulance rides can be expensive without it!

    Here you can get a health care card which will help with the costs of some medications and health service costs.

    Department of Justice
    Here you can apply for a proof of age card (if you're over 18).

    Getting Out
    Here there is a whole lot of information about becoming independent as you reach adulthood.

    Here you can apply for your own medicare card (if you're over 15).

    Here you can get a public transport concession card that will get you cheaper public transport tickets.

    Private Health Insurance
    Here you can compare different private health insurance providers and choose the best option for you.

    Vic Roads
    Here you can apply to get your learners or provisional drivers license.

    Support groups

    Chronic Illness Alliance
    The Chronic Illness Alliance website can link you in to more support groups.

    A peer support group for young people with mental health concerns.

    A support service for young people with disabilities with a range of information and services on offer.

    A service for people with a disability offering services such as living assistance and lifestyle choices information.