Transition Support Service

How does transition happen

    1. You, your parents/carers and your doctor/s [or another member of your health care team] will have an initial discussion about the transition process and possible places you could transfer to for adult health care. 
    2. A Transition Lead [Coordinator] will be assigned to you. This person may be your doctor, a nurse, or anyone who is involved in your health care at the RCH. The Transition Lead's role is to follow up with you throughout your transition process and after you have transferred. 
    3. If you would like the opportunity to participate in transition education sessions with the Transition Support Service and your transition leads, please ask a member of your health care team. These education sessions will provide you with guidance to develop greater skills to help prepare you for the adult health service/s.
    4. Closer to the time of your transfer, a detailed referral letter will be sent to the adult hospital identified for your long term care and your GP. Make sure the details are up to date on the RCH database prior to transfer. You should also get a copy of this referral and details of important procedures or test results you may have had while you were cared for at the RCH.
    5. Once the referral is recieved from the RCH, the adult health service/s will then send an appointment to you or one may be booked for you before you leave the RCH. Sometimes you may have to make your first appointment but you should be given all the contact information to do this.
    6. You may meet some staff from the adult hospital before your first appointment, either through a joint transition clinic or an arranged visit to the adult hospital.
    7. You will have your first appointment at the adult hospital. It is helpful to allow plenty of time for your first appointment. 

    Each transition process is unique and yours may be slightly different to what is stated above.

    For more information on the different transition stages please read Transition: The basics for young people or speak to your doctor or a member of your health care team.