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For young people and parents/carers

  • Adolescent transition is a coordinated and planned process which will involve you, your parents, your treating teams, your GP and others involved in your care.  

    Prior to transfer from the RCH, you may also be introduced to your new adult health care team in a joint transition clinic.  You will be invited to attend this special clinic with your parents, your RCH treating team/s, your new adult health care team/s and the Transition Support Service.

    Transition is a gradual process which commences when you reach adolescence and is not completed until you are engaged in an adult health service.  

    It is a major milestone. As with other transitions in life, such as moving from high school to further education, training or work, this process should start early and involve discussions with you and your parents.  This will help you and your parents to feel more comfortable and prepared with the process of moving on from the RCH to adult health care.   

    Transition will help you to know more about your condition, to develop skills to manage your own health care needs where appropriate with the support of your parents and to know more about what to expect when you transfer to adult care, including options available to you. This important process will help you to feel more empowered to make decisions and to successfully navigate and negotiate your care as an adult.

    The Transition Support Service will support and guide you through this process often over several transition clinic visits. You will discuss a range of topics including information about adult service options, self-management tips, health and wellbeing issues and educational/vocational supports.  The team can also assist you in linking in with other support services if needed.  

    These links will provide more information for you but if you have any other questions, please contact the Transition Support Service on