For young people

  • Adolescent transition is a process RCH patients go through, resulting in a transfer to an adult health care service. 

    Transition is a coordinated process involving the young person, their families or carers and all the hospital departments involved in their care. 

    It is a gradual process, beginning in early adolescence and is not completed until the young person has engaged in an adult health service.  

    Adolescent transition is a major milestone in the life of the young person and their family. As with other transitions in life, such as moving from primary school to high school, it should be coordinated and planned well in advance, in close consultation with the young person and parent/carer. This will serve to minimise unnecessary upheaval for the young person and parent/carer to ensure their participation and engagement with adult health care providers.

    Adolescent transition is a process where you, your doctors, other health care professionals and your parents/carers work together to determine the best place for you to transfer to for your adult medical care when the time comes. This is an important process for young people as it helps you to feel ready by identifying the skills and information that you will need when navigating a new health service.

    The Transition Support Service provides young people and their parents/carers with information and resources. Some of these topics will include information about transition, self-management tips, health and wellbeing issues for young people, educational/vocational supports, as well as links to other services.

    Take some time to check out the following links and if you have any questions or want more information please contact the Transition Support Service or a member of your health care team.