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Fact sheets and Checklists

  • The adolescent transition team has developed a range of new resources to support our education modules.

    Our fact sheets cover a range of topics intended to support and inform young people and parents/carers throughout the transition process. Fact sheets cover topics such as communicating with health professionals, taking risks and making choices, sexual health, bullying and resilience and young people's healthcare rights. These topics are covered in each of our education modules which are delivered at different stages of a young person's transition journey. There are separate fact sheets for young people and parents/carers.

    To complement the fact sheet a range of  checklists and tools have been developed to assist young people in identifying any gaps in their healthcare skills, develop competencies as well as set some achievable goals, ultimately promoting confidence and independence.

    These resources can be used independently or as part of the complete transition education package. The fact sheets and checklists are ideally used in consultation with the healthcare team and aim to empower young people and parents/carers throughout the transition journey.