Contact us

  • RCH Transition Support Service
    2nd Floor Clinical East Offices
    The Royal Children’s Hospital
    50 Flemington Road
    Parkville, Victoria, 3052

    How to contact the RCH Transition Support Service

    • Clinicians at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) may refer using EMR 
    • External clinicians may refer patients who are receiving medical care at the RCH by email on
    • Adolescents receiving medical care at the RCH and their parents may self-refer by email to

    Who we are

     The RCH Transition Support Service is staffed by:

    • Evelyn Culnane, Transition Manager (Monday–Friday)
    • Jamie McCarthy, Transition Support Coordinator (Wednesday–Friday)
    • Rebecca Peters, Transition Support Worker (Tuesday/Wednesday)
    • Sharon Keeble, Transition Support Worker (Tuesday/Thursday)
    • Pamela Linden, Transition Innovation Officer (Mon - Thurs 8.35 - 10.35am)
    • Hayley Loftus, Transition Research Study Coordinator (Monday, Tuesday and alternate Fridays)