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Moving on to The Alfred

  • Getting to The Alfred

    Parking may be something you’ve never considered before but the move to an adult hospital comes with the expectation that you may need to travel there by yourself. 

    If you’re planning on driving there, there is limited street parking around the hospital which is either meter or ticket based. In the side streets off Commercial and Punt Roads, you may be able to get time limited free parking, but please check the parking signs carefully and be aware of the resident-only zones especially. There are also two multi-level car parks which have hourly rates. 

    Disabled parking bays are marked on the attached map if you require them and remember to display your permit clearly on your dash board. Some of these bays are free of charge but are time restricted and in high demand.

    If you have a healthcare or pension card there is a special flat rate for two or more hours. This discount is only available on weekdays and you must validate your parking ticket prior to payment at the car park office located on the ground floor of the multi-level car park. You can also validate your ticket at the Haemophilia Clinic reception. Please note that there is no student discount.

    Hourly rate Health and pension card rate
    Up to 1 hour $8 $8
    Between 1 and 2 hours $13 $10 flat rate
    Between 2 and 3 hours $16 $10 flat rate
    Between 3 and 4 hours $19 $10 flat rate
    Between 4 and 5 hours $22 $10 flat rate
    Between 5 and 6 hours $25 $10 flat rate
    Over 6 hours $26 $10 flat ratete
    Enter after 8pm/exit before 8am
    Weekends/public holidays

    The Alfred is also very accessible via public transport. Below is a list of some public transport options to and from the hospital.


    Prahran Railway Station is only a short walk along Greville Street from The Alfred.


    Bus routes from the city 216, 219 and 220 will take passengers to The Alfred.


    Trams from Swanston Street City. All trams except 8 and 1 travel along St Kilda Road and can take you to The Alfred (located on the corner of St Kilda Road and Commercial Road). Tram 72 does travel along Commercial Road and there is a tram stop at the Main Entrance.

    Alfred Hospital map

    What will be expected of you at the Ronald Sawers Haemophilia Treatment Centre 

    The Ronald Sawers Alfred Haemophilia care team will expect a few things from you once you’re transferred from The RCH. In an adult health service you’ll be expected to manage nearly all aspects of your health care. Below is a list of what your new Haemophilia care team will expect of you as a patient:

    • Record your own product use and bleeding episodes
    • Show up on time for your clinical appointments
    • Give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a clinical appointment
    • Have a good knowledge of your relevant medical history including your clotting factor brand, dose, routine and any other medications you’re on
    • Respond to any upcoming delivery notifications 
    • Contact the Haemophilia Treatment Centre immediately for any urgent issues
    • Manage your own medications (e.g. clotting factor) and other treatments 

    Don’t worry if you think there’s no way you can manage everything listed above by your first appointment, just be as prepared as possible and don’t expect to get everything right at your first visit. Like anything, it’s about practice so give yourself time to adjust to the new system and ask your Haemophilia care team if you need any help.

    How your clotting factor deliveries will work

    The clotting factor delivery system is very similar to the system that you’re used to. At The RCH, you or your parents received a text message letting you know that you’re due for another delivery. At The Ronald Sawers Alfred Haemophilia Treatment Centre, you will be contacted for all delivery questions. A few days prior to your scheduled delivery, you’ll receive a text message asking you how much product you require, including vial sizes and quantity. It’s important you reply to this message and make sure you order enough clotting factor to last until your next delivery (including some extra product to account for any bleeding episodes).

    Make sure there is somebody to receive and sign for your delivery on the nominated date and time or you won’t receive your product. You’ll be given a personalised calendar that has your delivery dates highlighted so you know in advance and can put these dates in your diary. If you require more clotting factor before your next delivery is scheduled or you miss a delivery, make sure you contact your health care team as soon as possible so an urgent delivery can be organised.

    How the Ronald Sawers Alfred Haemophilia clinic runs

    The Ronald Sawers Haemophilia clinic at The Alfred hospital operates very similarly to the one you’re used to at The RCH. The clinic is always run at the same location. Unlike many other adult clinics, at the Haemophilia clinic you will see the same doctor for the majority of the time. Through the clinic you have access to a physiotherapist, social workers and nurses who are permanent staff at the centre. The service can also refer you to a wide range of specialist services including orthopaedic, rheumatology, hepatology, infectious diseases, pain management, psychiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and genetic counselling.

    What happens at your first appointment

    Your first appointment at The Ronald Sawers Alfred Haemophilia Centre will run a little differently to what you may be used to. The Centre runs transition days where you can attend your first appointment on the same day as other young adults starting at The Alfred. At your first appointment, you will meet all the members of your health care team, including the physiotherapist, social workers, nurses and your doctor. This can take some time as each team member will sit down and discuss with you how things work at The Alfred and ask you questions about your medical history. It’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself, find out more about The Alfred and get to know your new health care team within a personal setting. Allow plenty of time for your first appointment so you don’t feel rushed and try to avoid making plans straight after your appointment because it may longer than you expect depending on the number of patients attending. A good first appointment will leave you feeling confident and ready to take full control of your Haemophilia management. Your subsequent appointments will return to a shorter and more familiar format.

    Your parent(s) are encouraged and very welcome to attend your first appointment with you as the staff may wish to get to know them as well. Thereafter, your privacy is protected and it’s only with your consent, can your parents be informed about changes to your care and health management.

    Ronald Sawers Alfred Haemophilia Centre contact details


    Level 1, South Block
    (William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre building)
    55 Commercial Road, Melbourne 3004

    Hours of service

    Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
    Closed public holidays and weekends

    Telephone numbers

    Main Centre 03) 9076 2179
    Nursing Staff 03) 9076 2178
    Social Work 03) 9076 2000, ask for pager 6101 or 6102

    Quick tips 

    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or contact your new Haemophilia health care team as they are very helpful.
    • Allow plenty of time for your first appointment and familiarise yourself with The Alfred and the clinic’s new systems.
    • Remember that you’re at an adult hospital and most other patients will be a lot older than you may be used to.
    • At The Alfred, be prepared to be treated like an adult.
    • Enjoy your independence and don’t be afraid if you make the occasional mistake because your health care team are there to support you.