Attending your appointment

  • Starting the telehealth video-call 

    • Remember to use Google Chrome
    • Follow-the prompts that appear on screen (the telehealth website will check that your equipment are all working correctly)
    • Ensure you have your phone nearby
    • Click the above Start video call button

    Start video call

    Here to attend a webinar or meeting?

    About GoTo Meeting and GoTo Webinar

    GoTo Webinar is a web conferencing service that enables groups of all sizes to conduct online events, such as presentations. Whilst Health Direct Video Calls specialises with an exclusive clinician-to-patient experience, GoTo Webinar allows the organiser to present to up to 100 attendees. It is the ideal platform to use for large conference meetings or presentations.

    Currently, RCH have one licence to use GoToWebinar, so it is wise to book your Webinar well in advance. 



    Quickguide for the organiser

    1. Book licence

    2. Decide on a meeting password in advance

    • Share this with you participants when you confirm the meeting
      Include the webpage URL in your instructions (this URL will be included in the auto-reply e-mail after you book the licence)

    3. On the day - logging onto the GoToWebinar

    • Use this email login:
    • The logon password is in the auto-reply e-mail you received after booking the licence
    • The meeting password is the one you previously sent to participants

    Full booking Instructions here

    Booking the GoToWebinar licence

    • Please note you will need to book the licence any time you wish to log on (eg to set up your session etc)
    • Book the licence using the RCH Outlook Calendar System - eg., set up a meeting and invite
    • You will receive an auto-reply which includes the logon password.
    • Learn more about GoToWebinar -  Citrix how-to guides