The RCH staff telehealth login and resources

  • Telehealth video call login for The RCH staff

    Before you begin your telehealth video-call

    • Make sure you are viewing this on a Google Chrome web-browser
    • Ensure you have your Healthdirect Video Call login details
    • Check-in your patient on EMR or QFlow

    Navigating the RCH waiting area and checking-in of patients (RCH administrative staff)

    Just like the patient and family coming into RCH to attend their appointment, the patient and family (and sometimes local healthcare provider) will come into the RCH Video Call Waiting Area to attend their telehealth appointment. And just like in a face-to-face encounter, the patient will need to be Checked-In either on QFlow or EMR.

    1. Review your patients for the day, making note of any telehealth appointments. See: EMR Department Appointment Report (DAR) or QFlow
    2. Open a Google Chrome browser, and go to (or click the Start video call button above - just make sure you are viewing this on a Google Chrome web browser)
    3. Log into the Healthdirect telehealth platform using your personal login
    4. Open the RCH waiting area (video call) 
    5. Check if any of your patients have arrived
    6. Check the patient in (via QFlow or the DAR) and alert the RCH clinician that their patient is ready for their telehealth appointment

    If you find the patient in the RCH waiting area has been waiting for over 10 minutes, or if the you/RCH clinician are running late, contact the patient and inform them of the delay

    For more information regarding navigating the RCH waiting area.

    Frequently asked questions

    I need a Telehealth video-call login

    E-mail or call the Telehealth coordinator on ext 54645.

    I forgot my Telehealth video-call password

    1. Open Google Chrome
    2. Go to
    3. Enter your RCH e-mail address
    4. Click the forgot your password? reset it now link

    What do I need to make a video call?

    • Google Chrome browser
    • Reliable internet
    • A device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or iPad with front-facing web-cam
      Note: For Apple users, please download the Healthdirect App from the Apple App Store

    Where can I find a web-cam?

    If you are down in Specialist Clinics, ask the Desk Clerks or Desk Co-ordinators for a web-cam.

    Alternatively, contact the Telehealth Co-ordinator on ext 54645 if you would like to borrow a web-cam. Please note that the web-cam may require installation on your PC, so please allow 10-15 minutes for installation (to be done remotely by IT Helpdesk ext 56277).

    Remember you can also use a smartphone or tablet  to make telehealth video calls.

    I am having issues with the image/sound/microphone/video quality

    During your video call, press the Refresh button to reset the connection.

    Refer to the video call troubleshooting guide.

    If you continue experiencing issues, cancel the video call appointment and call the family over the phone. Report this issue to

    I want to schedule a telehealth video-call appointment in EPIC 

    For RCH clinicians/medical staff

    • Ensure the patient has a valid referral
    • Create a work order with telehealth appointment visit type

    For RCH administrative staff

    • Follow the Standard Worksheet from Scheduling from Triaged Workqueue or Scheduling from the Waitlist (speak to your Desk Co-ordinator to access this worksheet)
    • For assisted telehealth (where the patient and a local healthcare provider such as a GP are present), call the local healthcare provider and negotiate a time and date that suits both the local healthcare provider and the RCH clinician

    The local healthcare provider are doing a telehealth video call for the first time, how can I help them set-up?

    You can send them the following guides that will assist accessing the telehealth video-call platform. You can also ask them to call the RCH Telehealth Coordinator on 9345 4645.

    Is this patient telehealth appropriate? Can I host a meeting via telehealth? How about a job interview?

    There is plenty of potential for telehealth video call. You can utilise the video calling platform for a number of situations, not limited to clinician-to-patient. If you would like discuss how telehealth video call can help your team, contact the RCH Telehealth Coordinator on ext 54645.

    Meetings rooms

    The Healthdirect Video Call platform can also host permanent meeting rooms. Meeting Rooms can support up to six sites, depending on the internet bandwidth and devices being used at each site. Having your own Meeting Room is an ideal way to regularly communicate with colleagues. To learn more about Meeting Rooms or if you would like to set one up for your department, contact the Telehealth Coordinator ext 54645. 

    Troubleshooting and resources