Anaesthetic Induction Room and Trolley Management

  • 1. Overview/Procedure Description

    All Anaesthetic Induction Rooms are equipped with Anaesthetic Delivery System, including suction and scavenging.  Each room contains the most frequently used consumables.  In addition to the cupboards, drawers and bench space, there is an Anaesthetic medication trolley which contains Anaesthetic medications and consumables.  The trolley is moved into the operating Theatre and remains in there for the duration of the procedure.  The aim of the Anaesthetic Medication Trolley is to facilitate bedside care and reduce the need for a member of the Anaesthesia team to leave the theatre to fetch equipment and medication.

    2. Related Policy

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    3. Definition of Terms


    4. Procedure Details

    • The Anaesthesia Technologist assigned to each Anaesthetic and Operating Room has the responsibility to clean the Bench Tops, Anaesthetic Delivery System and Anaesthetic Medication Trolley at the start of each shift and between patients.  Alcohol free multi purpose cleaning wipes are available in each Anaesthetic Induction Room. 
    • Each Anaesthetic Induction Room has a DD safe, which is a key lockable cupboard.  Pharmacy will be responsible for stocking the DD safes.
    • The Anaesthesia Technologist assigned to each Anaesthetic and Operating Room has the responsibility to ensure that both the Anaesthetic Induction Room and Trolley are stocked up at the end of each shift or as required. 
    • All rooms and trolleys are to be stocked in a systematic manner to promote familiarity.  Standard layout cards are attached to the side of each trolley.  Stock levels for rooms agreed to.
    • Stock will be ordered on line with T-doc Web module.  Order will be picked and sent with List/Case Cart.  Anaesthesia Technologists to put stock away.
    • The Anaesthetic Induction room may be required to be replenished by stock obtained from the non sterile store by the Anaesthesia Technologist. 
    • All anaesthetic trolley drug drawers are identical, with the exception of the Cardiac Trolleys.
     Drawer No.General Contents 
     Top drawers Syringes, cannula's, gauze
     1 Medication
     2 Cannulae, taps
     3 Y-suction catheters
     4 Labels, needles, filters, adapters
     5 Specimen bags, stylets, e.t.t's, tubes


    6. Contacts

    Anaesthetic Technologist Manager, Perioperative Suite

    Procedure number
    RCH Strategic goals
    Focus on Quality and Safety
    Risk Management
    ACHS Function  
    Barbara Feltham
    Anaesthetic Technologist Manager
    Perioperative Management Committee
    Date authorised
    September 2011
    Next review date
    September 2012