Professional conduct

  • Guidelines for appropriate professional behaviour and considerations at the Royal Children's Hospital.

    Professional Behaviour

    The following are expectations of the student as a training healthcare professional.

    • be punctual and reliable
    • behave in a responsible, reliable and dependable manner
    • project a professional image in your manner, dress, speech, and interpersonal relationships
    • treat other health professionals with respect and courtesy
    • place concern for clients above personal requirements for study and social activities
    • wear identification badges on a lanyard at all times
    • be aware that supervisor and other staff need to meet their daily work requirements in addition to providing learning opportunities for students
    • be aware of and follow the guidelines of the Privacy Act especially when dealing with patients in order to protect their privacy.

    RCH Policies (Intranet only)

    • Dress  code
      Students should always be dressed in clean, well-maintained clothing which provides appropriate coverage and allows for the requirements of their role.  Low-cut tops, bare midriffs and low-cut pants are not acceptable.
      Please refer to the RCH dress code policy 

    • Professional Boundaries
      Professional Boundaries are integral to the relationship between those working in the caring professions and patients, clients, families or carers.
      Maintaining professional boundaries / relationships with patients who have lengthy, ongoing or frequent episodes of care can be particularly challenging in healthcare organisations like The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) which is committed to patient and family-centred care. 
      Please refer to the RCH Professional Boundaries policy

    • Social Media
      Students and staff should not mention RCH or detail anything about their work, or communicate with patients or their families using social media.
      Please refer to the RCH Social Media policy 

    • Documentation
      Students can only make entries within the medical record when they are authorised to do so by their supervisor. Each entry must be dated, signed, include full name, state they are a student and of what discipline. Ideally, each entry should be countersigned and amended (if required) by the student's RCH supervisor.
      Please refer to RCH Documentation policy 

    • Privacy/ confidentiality
      The Royal Children's Hospital  (RCH) is committed to protecting the privacy of patient and staff information. The hospital is required by law to protect personal information and comply with the Health Records Act 2001(HRA) and other relevant legislation relating to confidentiality and privacy.  This legislation applies to all staff, including contractors, volunteers and students.
      Any person commencing work at this hospital must sign a privacy, confidentiality and security agreement and be aware of their roles and responsibilities in terms of patient and employee confidentiality.
      Please refer to the RCH Privacy and confidentiality policy

    • Internet
      Computers and the internet at RCH should be used for activities directly related to a student's clinical placement and patient care.
      Please refer to the RCH Internet usage policy

    • Media
      Students and staff at RCH should not speak with the media in any capacity.
      Please refer to the RCH Media policy

    • Mobile Telephones
      • Mobile phones can interfere with vital hospital equipment, so you will be asked to turn off your phone when entering all ward areas, including Emergency Department.
      • Should you need to use your phone, ask staff for an alternate area where you can do this.
      • If mobile phones are left in office areas, please leave on silent.