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Preparing the essentials before placement

  • Essential paperwork

    The following items must be shown to your supervisor on day 1 of your placement or you will be unable to commence your placement.  

      Your Education Provider has responsibility for ensuring that all other placement documentation has been obtained from you, and that you are ready to commence placement. You will not be able to commence your placement if your Education Provider has failed to confirm via the recommended channels (e.g. Placeright for Nursing and Allied Health students; SONIA for Medical students) that they have sighted the required documentation in the weeks prior to your placement. This information must be communicated by your Education Provider to RCH at least four weeks prior to your placement with us.

      Placement documentation that you will be required to provide to your Education Provider before starting your placement includes:

      • Australian criminal history check (Police Check)
      • Overseas criminal history check (where applicable)
      • Working With Children Check
      • Evidence of infection/immune status (see details below)
      • National student registration with AHPRA (where applicable)

      Students are advised to refer to their Education Provider clinical office for assistance with the application process to ensure that these mandatory checks are obtained before starting their placement at RCH.


      It is each student's responsibility to ensure that all recommended immunisations have been obtained prior to their placement.

      For the duration of all clinical placements at RCH, all students should ideally have:

      (a) Immunity to hepatitis B, influenza*, measles, mumps, pertussis, rubella, varicella; and

      (b) No active infection with tuberculosis. 

       *Vaccination against influenza is only required for clinical placements occurring during the period 1 June – 31 October each year; however, students are strongly encouraged to have immunity to influenza all year round.

      Your Education Provider must sight evidence of your infection/immunity status prior to the commencement of your first Clinical Placement. This must be communicated by your Education Provider to RCH at least four weeks prior to your placement, in order for you to commence your placement with us.

      Prior to and during a placement, students are required to seek medical advice immediately if they are exposed to a risk of infection through any occupational or non-occupational encounter.

      Students are also required to immediately notify their Education Provider and their RCH key contact if their infection/immune status changes at any time before the end of their placement at RCH.

      For further details regarding what constitutes acceptable evidence of immunity, refer to the Department of Health ‘Standardised Student Induction Protocol’ – Infection and Immunity section:

      Getting to the RCH

      • Public transport is available with trams 58 and 59 stopping at the entrance of the hospital. Tram 57 also stops very close to the hospital.
      • The RCH has a secure bike storage facility with 500 spaces and access to change room facilities. The bike storage facility can be accessed via Flemington Road and is located in the East Building, Lower Ground. All students can access the bike storage facility using their security ID card. Bikes should not be chained to seating, railings or other fittings around the hospital grounds.
      • Parking