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Preparing the essentials before placement

  • Essential paperwork

    The following items must be shown to your supervisor on day 1 of your placement or you will be unable to commence your placement.  

    • Police & Working With Children Checks:
      • All students must have completed a National Police Check not more than 12 months prior to the estimated conclusion of their placement.
      • In addition, any student who has resided overseas for a period of more than 12 months in the 10 years before commencing a placement must have also completed a Police Check from their country of residence (including an English translation), which covers the period of their residency in that country.
      • Any disclosable outcomes on a Police Check must be disclosed by the student to the university and clinical supervisor prior to the placement commencing.
      • All students must hold a current Working with Children Check which is valid for their entire placement at RCH.
      • Students must be able to provide original documents or certified copies of their Police Check and Working with Children Check on day 1 or as requested 
      • If a current Police Check or Working with Children Check is not held by the student, then they will be refused attendance at their clinical placement at RCH until they are able to provide both checks to their supervisor.
      • Students are advised to refer to their university clinical office for assistance with the application process to ensure that these checks are obtained before starting their placement at RCH.
    • The RCH emergency contact form 

    • Hand hygiene certificate - Students should register and complete the appropriate online learning package to gain their certificate. 
    • Privacy, confidentiality and security agreement 


    It is each student's responsibility to ensure that all recommended immunisations have been obtained prior to their placement.

    Highly recommended immunisations to be completed by students prior to the commencement of a clinical placement at RCH include: 

    • Measles/Mumps/Rubella – documented 2 doses of measles containing vaccine (in those born during or after 1966) or serological evidence of immunity. No documentation required for students born before 1966.
    • Chicken Pox – history of disease or positive serology or course of 2 injections.
    • Hepatitis B – serological evidence of immunity (>10 IU/ml) after completion of Hepatitis B vaccine course
    • Pertussis – documented dose of a pertussis containing booster (dTpa) vaccine in the previous 10 years.
    • Annual Influenza Vaccination.
    • Tuberculosis - a negative QuantiFERON Gold within 12 months prior to placement.

    Vaccinations may be obtained from any of the below:

    • University medical centres
    • Personal doctor

    Getting to the RCH

    • Public transport is available with trams 58 and 59 stopping at the entrance of the hospital. Tram 57 also stops very close to the hospital.
    • The RCH has a secure bike storage facility with 500 spaces and access to change room facilities. The bike storage facility can be accessed via Flemington Road and is located in the East Building, Lower Ground. All students can access the bike storage facility using their security ID card. Bikes should not be chained to seating, railings or other fittings around the hospital grounds.
    • Parking