• Social workers provide a range of support and services that may be needed when a child is admitted into hospital. Social Work operates on a priority basis and may work directly with patients and families or provide secondary consultation or referral options.

    This is done through: 

    • Counselling
    • Supporting families through times of crisis and distress
    • Providing education and information
    • Advocacy
    • Planning for returning home. 
    • Referral to community agencies and supports.
    • Liaising with interstate, regional and other metropolitan hospitals
    • Delivering group and support programs
    • Facilitating access to the hospital
    • Accessing practical and material assistance in relation to health needs/hospitalisation


    Social Work staff are located in streams:

    • Intake, Allocation and Flow
    • Medical 
    • Surgical/ Trauma
    • Ambulatory
    • Critical Care
    • Cancer Care
    • Complex Care
    • Emergency
    • After Hours Services

    Please contact the Social Work Department to enquire about current staff allocations on 9345 6111.