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Staff resources

  • Manager Social Work and Pastoral Care Services 

    Nicola Watt                 Email:

    Intake, Allocation and Flow

    Stream Leaders

    Jessica Windridge      Email:

    Lizzie McNulty            Email:  

    Clinical Practice Development

    Robyn Clark                Email:  

    Vulnerable children and Family Violence

    Program Manager

    Rebecca Mills              Email:  

    Complex Care Hub and After Hours service stream

    Program Manager and Coordinator

    Helen Stewart              Email:  

    Medical stream

    Stream Leader

    Raji.Jacob                    Email:  

    Surgical and Trauma stream

    Stream Leaders

    Grace Jury                   Email:

    Alison Baillie                Email:

    Critical Care stream

    Stream Leaders

    Erin Haskins                   Email:

    Jill Banda (Thurs & Fri)  Email:

    Cancer Care stream

    Stream Leader

    Kate Nield                      Email:

    Complex Care Hub stream

    Stream Leader

    Tahlia Fawdry                Email:

    Administration Coordinator

    Marina Puljic                 Email:

    After Hours Social Work

    Ascom Phone: x52443

    Emergency department

    Ascom Phone: x52853

    Bereavement services