Procedural skills training at the RCH

  • The RCH Simulation Team, in conjunction with a number of teams across the hospital, have developed a number of resources to support procedural skills training across the hospital. These include: 

    • Skills Facilitator Guide Template  for staff to develop their own skills packages 

    • Completed facilitator guidelines for specific skills (please contact to see if we have a guideline completed, or can assist you in developing a skills facilitator guide for your needs) 

    • Equipment for training: The RCH Simulation Program has a number of part task trainers to facilitate skills training. These include:

      • Neonatal and paediatric airway heads for training in airway management 
      • Neonatal and Paediatric manikins, with ShockLink for BLS and ALS training, with CPR feedback 
      • Infant manikins for Lumbar Puncture training 
      • Infant manikins for Pigtail catheter insertion 
        Infant arm and leg part task trainers for Peripheral intravenous cannula insertion training 
      • Infant and paediatric manikins for PICC line and CVC line insertion training 
      • Infant manikins for Intra-osseous insertion training