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  • Interprofessional and Interdepartmental Courses and Programs

    We work in interprofessional teams and now we will train together in these teams.

    GRIPS - Group Response to Illness in Paediatric Simulation - Full Day Program (2019)

    Come to GRIPS and learn how to manage the deteriorating patient.

    This full day course will run from 08:00-17:00 and will focus around the patient who has been admitted to the ward and deteriorates over a period of time.

    Participants will concentrate on the recognition and management of the deteriorating patient with training around human factors to improve team work and clinical decision making.

    The course includes:

    • Participation in inter-professional simulated scenarios.
    • Training in human factors to improve our ability to work as a team in difficult clinical situations.
    • Clinical skills workshops that are relevant to the theme of the day.
    • Debriefing and discussion to explore the clinical problems and the team performance.

    Program Dates and Registration

    Click here to register for March 28th, 2019

    Click here to register for June 20th, 2019
    Click here to register for September 26th, 2019
    Click here to register for November 28th, 2019

    To simulate real clinical situations, this course will require an interprofessional team. Therefore, places are limited for medical and nursing/allied health.

    FREE for RCH staff, please register using your RCH email
    External Nursing/Allied Health - $250
    External Medical - $350
    *All bookings are plus GST and booking fee.

    Lunch and tea & coffee will be provided for fee paying participants only.

     A confirmation email will be sent with further details once your registration has been accepted.

    Cancellation Policy

    All cancellation requests must be made in writing to 

    We will always try to accommodate your circumstances and, according to our cancellation policy, offer a refund or rebooking on another date. We recommend that you advise us of your preferred date(s) to transfer your ticket. We will advise you of availability and offer you a waitlist if all tickets have been exhausted. Please note, waitlists will incur the cancellation fees.

    Our cancellation policy is as follows: 

    • Cancellations of more than 28 days prior to the course will be offered a full refund, minus administration fees.

    • Cancellations between 21-28 days prior to the course will incur a 25% cancellation fee.

    • Cancellations between 8-20 days prior to the course will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

    • No refunds will be made for cancellations of less than 8 days or in the event that you do not show up on the day of the course.


    On the very rare occasion that the RCH Simulation Program has to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances, the applicant will be reimbursed the full cost of the course. The RCH Simulation Program is not responsible for any travel or accommodation costs the applicant has incurred as a result of cancelled courses.

    Recognising and Responding to the Deteriorating Child Workshop

    Managing the deteriorating patient training days are being run in partnership with the RCH Nursing Education Department.

    Workshops covering

    • The importance of communication
    • A number of skill stations, and
    • The opportunity to put it all together in a team scenario

    In order to replicate the clinical environment - there will be limited places available for medical staff to attend.

    Doctors, please ensure you fulfill one of the following prior to registering: 

    • on a day off from clinical service (for example on nights, or a day off from department), or
    • have pre-arranged agreement from medical workforce to cover you, or
    • have pre-arranged agreement from your unit to do without cover.  

    How to Register

    Click here for full details and to register your interest.  A confirmation email will be sent with further details once your registration has been accepted.

    Crisis in Paediatric Anaesthesia Program (CPAP)

    A course for Anaesthetists, Anaesthetic Trainees and GP Anaesthetists.

    Recognised CPD by ANZCA for Anaesthetic Emergency Response “Cardiac Arrest” and “CICO” modules in Paediatric Anaesthesia.

    Facilitated by The Royal Children’s Hospital Simulation Program and the Department of Anaesthesia.

    Course Content:

    The program includes two modules:

    1. Cardiac Arrest Module: This 3.5 hour module is an ANZCA CPD accredited Emergency Response Module, including skills and simulation based education in Advanced Paediatric Life Support and team training during paediatric anaesthesia emergency response scenarios.
    2. CICO module: The 4 hour CICO (Can't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate) module is ANZCA CPD accredited Emergency Response Module. It introduces basic CICO concepts and techniques for those who have not attended CICO courses before, and also highlights the differences between the management of the CICO emergency in children and adults. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss theory, share experiences, and practice techniques on paediatric tracheal models. 

    Program Date and Registration

    October 25th, 2019

    How to Register


    What others are saying!  
    “The course was well organized. Pre-reading provided well in advance. The faculty were very supportive. The educational content was relevant. Ample opportunities provided to acquire skills.”“Very well organised plenty of time to practice techniques, realistic scenarios”
    “Useful skills with a good mix of simulation and practical stations”
    “I really appreciated learning the specific paediatric issues in CICO situations”
    “Topics covered effectively and may happen in everyday practice”

    NeoResus - The Victorian newborn Resuscitation program

    NeoResus - The Victorian Newborn Resuscitation Program - is the gateway to the online learning resources for the NeoResus training programs. They specialise in training programs that has been designed to standardise the way in which newborn resuscitation is taught in Victoria and other areas of Australia. The NeoResus Program comprises two skills based, teamwork focused training programs: First Response and Advanced Resuscitation. These face-to-face, multidisciplinary training programs are supported by online, evidence-based learning modules, which are completed by all program participants. Scroll down for an outline of the current program.

    First Response

    Click here to view the full overview of this program

    Advanced Resuscitation Program

    Click here to view the full overview of this program

    Register to NeoResus Courses via Eventbrite by clicking here

    Departmental Specific Training

    Neonatal Difficult Airway Course

    Facilitated by The Royal Children’s Hospital Simulation Program and the Department of Neonatal Medicine, this is a course for Neonatologists and Neonatal Nurses, General Paediatricians, Trainees, and anyone who is involved in the management of airways in neonates.

    Course Content:

    • Discussion on the impact of human factors on team work andl airway management during stressful situations

    • Skills stations on the RCH Emergency Intubation Algorithm and resus trolley set-up, Glidescope use, intubation and airway adjuncts, and ventilating with the Neopuff, self-inflating bag and anaesthetic circuit

    • Scenarios and debrief sessions on management of the difficult airway in a neonate

    All applicants internal and external should contact Dr Leah Hickey to book into this course.  

    Course Dates
    Monday 25th, March
    Friday 31st, May
    Thursday 1st, August
    Monday 21st, October

    FREE for RCH staff
    External Medical - $320 + GST and booking fee
    External Nursing - $220 + GST and booking fee
    *Payment  link will provided by email and can be made with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

    Pre-reading material  and program will be emailed out 4 weeks  in advance and is a requirement for the course.

    Resuscitation Training for Health Professionals

    Resuscitation training for health professionals including The First 3 Minutes (The Rolling Trolley), provides information on Infant and Child Basic Life Support training for all clinical staff.

    Here you will find access to:

    • Online eLearning Modules (child and infant Basic Life Support)
    • Links to the First 3 Minute video
    • A calendar of times and dates outlining "Where to find the Rolling Trolley"
    • Resource + more!

    Click here for full details 

    How to Register

    Email with your preferred date

    Paediatric Intensive Care Program

    The Paediatric Intensive Care Skills and Simulation program is an inter-professional training program structured around managing the critically ill infant/child.

    Our program offers quarterly training opportunities. These sessions cover:

    • Human factors/non-technical skills
    • Technical skills through part task trainers and workshops
    • Inter-professional fully immersive team training afternoons


    To enquire about this program please email

    Anaesthetic program

    The Royal Children's Hospital Anaesthetic team in conjunction with operating theaters offers a 3 monthly in-situ simulation training session. This inter-professional training opportunity focuses on:

    • Human factors / non-technical skills
    • Medical management of paediatric anaesthetic emergencies

    Anaesthetic simulation leads:

    • Rob McDougall (Deputy Director Anaesthesia)
    • Adam Skinner (Consultant Anaesthetist)


    To enquire about this program please email Adam, or

    Emergency Department Program

    The Royal Children's Hospital Emergency Department delivers inter-professional simulation training opportunities to their clinical team though in-situ simulation sessions held monthly to bi-monthly. These sessions cover:

    • Human factors/non-technical skills
    • Technical skills through part-task trainers
    • Full team training in medical and surgical paediatric emergencies
    • Medical Emergency Team response to the deteriorating patient

    Emergency Department simulation leads:

    • Dr Domenic Cincotta (Consultant Emergency Physician)
    • Dr Elliot Long (Consultant Emergency Physician)
    • Cindy Sheers (Clinical Nurse Facilitator)
    • Bec Fraser (Clinical Nurse Facilitator)


    To enquire about this program please email