The RCH Simulation Fellowship Program

  • The RCH Simulation Fellowship Program commenced in 2015 with the aim of training internal RCH staff in simulation education methodology to increase capacity for Simulation-based education delivery across the Melbourne Children’s Campus. Over the year, Fellows have the opportunity to learn how to design, develop, and deliver simulation-based education through an apprenticeship type model. 

    To date we have had many fellows from different departments working and training with us to develop programs for their departments, with many of them going on to sustain their simulation programs within their departments.  To give you an idea of what can be achieved in the year as a Simulation Fellow, please see past and present Fellows below, and their accomplishments. 


    Dr Sile Smith Anaesthetic Fellow:  developed Airway Management videos, eLearns and skills facilitator guidelines 

    Dr Laura Marco General Paediatrics: developed the General Paeds in situ simulation program 

    Dr Suzanne Boyce General Paediatrics: developed the General Paeds in situ simulation program 

    Dr Keith Amarakone ED/Trauma Registrar: developed the Trauma Train the Trainer Program 

    Amy Johansson PICU Nurse: Developed the ECMO skills and simulation program 

    Marijke Mitchell Training Coordinator, Developmental Medicine: Assisted with the  development of the MOCA simulation program, now developed a simulation program for managing clinical aggression with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developing this into a PHd.  Published a number of articles around  the topic 

    Angela Richards Social Worker: developed the Social Work On-call simulation program  (presented at an International conference) 


    Dr Alice Baker CCCH Registrar; developed a Communication program for CCCH staff 

    Dr Wonie Uahwatanasakul University of Paediatrics Staff Paediatrician: developed simulation  program for Medical Students 

    Dr Rebecca Barton Haematology Registrar 

    Victoria Kane PIPER Nurse: on-going development of the PIPER simulation program, including development of an in situ (Ambulance retrieval) simulations.  Presented at a National conference 

    Meegan Price ED Nurse: developed in situ skills packages for the Emergency department 

    Emma Lind Speech Pathologist: developed tracheostomy simulation and training package  for speech pathologists 


    Dr Chloe Baxter General Paediatric Registrar: developed a communication package around  medical staff understanding legal terminology 

    Dr Naomi Katz Palliative Care Consultant: developed a simulation program on training in  

    Advanced Care Planning. Published an article on her project and presented it at a National conference 

    Deb O’Donovan Nurse, Sugarglider: supported the General Paediatric simulation program 

    Victoria Sanders Nurse, Dolphin: supported the General Paediatric simulation program 

    Jen Corda Physiotherapist; developed a physiotherapy simulation program


    Dr Paola Villanueva General Paediatric and PIPER Fellow; developed the Paediatric Sepsis Simulation Program 

    Felicity McCarthy PICU Nurse: developing a communication program for MET/PICU teams 

    Joel Yang Sleep Scientist: developed a simulation program for sleep laboratory staff to  manage deteriorating patients over night



    Lauren Jorgenson Nurse, Perioperative Theatre 

    Leah Rotin Social Worker, Palliative Care 

    Erin O’Reilly Registrar, Heamatology