COVID-19 Simulation Resources

  • COVID-19 resources and training

    The RCH Simulation Team are able to facilitate most communication programs online when COVID-19 restrictions are in place.  The Deteriorating Patient programs are able to be facilitated In Person where the Head of Department deems this training to be essential.

    For other deteriorating patient programs, the RCH Simulation Program has a software program enabling us to develop and facilitate deteriorating patient programs so that attendees can participate from anywhere in the hospital or from home.  Whilst participants aren’t able to facilitate technical procedural skills, they have reported benefits in team training, particularly around communication and clinical decision making.

    We now have a library of these scenarios for patients with varied pathophysiology already developed. Please contact the RCH Simulation Team at for any inquiries related to facilitating virtual deteriorating patient programs.   

    COVID-19 team training

    Below is a link to a video Simulating a team approach to managing an acute deterioration to a patient with (potential) COVID-19 infection.

    Team approach video

    Simulated N95 face mask

    Here is a video to make a simulated N95 Mask

    How to make a Fake N95 mask video

    The RCH Team has made a couple of adjustments:

    • There is no need to make a cut in the middle at the end.
    • In order to mimic to the actual elastic straps, we staple 2 elastics strips to the inside of each corner of the mask.We found the single strap didn't mimic the true mask and tying it resulted in tearing easily.
    • Please ensure the sharp ends of the staples are on the outside so as to minimise any trauma. (and we let people know they are stapled at the start of the session).
    • 6mm elastic can be bought from Coles or Woolworths. We soak the elastics in Sodium Hypochlorite solution overnight after each use and then reuse the elastic.