RCH Travelling Scholarships


  • Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons wishing to be considered for selection in the award of the following scholarships

    The RCH Travelling Scholarships will now be advertised twice yearly in February and August of each year. 



    *For the scholarships offered at both timepoints, the funding pool will be distributed equally across the timepoints.

    Applications for the February 2019 round will open Friday 1st February and close Thursday, 28th February 2019

    General Eligibility and Selection Criteria

    The RCH Travelling Scholarships are primarily intended to assist staff members to increase their knowledge and expertise by undertaking travel and further education. Preference will be given to applicants who do not have access to, or have limited access to, other means of financial support.

    The following criteria are specific eligibility criteria set down for each scholarship.

    • span must include definite programs, with written evidence of acceptance at health care services being visited. Changes to the program post submission are not encouraged, unless specifically directed by the selection committee.
    • Applicants must detail exactly, the time predicted to be spent away from the hospital, with support from their head of department as to how this will be managed.
    • Support for conference attendance will favor those with submitted/accepted presentations. The submitted abstract should be included as part of the scholarship application.
    • Applications are for individuals only and joint applications will not be considered (other than in the specific instances outlined in the Rosemary Derham and Jeff Crouch Scholarships where an application may be received from a department to sponsor an overseas visitor). 
    • In general itineraries should be limited to no more than 2 geographic locations on one continent.  Applicants that wish to justify more than 2 locations should discuss with the Chair of Scholarships committee prior to submission.
    • Staff members who have been the recipient of an RCH Travelling Scholarship in the past 3 years will generally not be considered eligible.
    • Members of staff of less than 2 years standing will also generally not be considered eligible.
    • Preference will be given to applicants that can clearly demonstrate that their proposed program will have wider benefits to the Hospital’s clinical, educational, or research activities.
    • All aspects of submission including referee's report, Head of Department report must be submitted in full by 5.00pm on the closing date for the application to be considered.
    • Staff members who have an ongoing appointment at time of being awarded scholarship are expected to add value to RCH as a result of learning on their return. All recipients must submit a report to their hospital Head of Department and Executive Director on their return.
    • In general Sabbatical leave will not be supported through these scholarships unless exceptional circumstances exist that are of major strategic value to RCH.  No more than one sabbatical may be supported in any given year, and the value of support may be capped at the discretion of the scholarships committee.

    Further information

    Applications for prior travel reimbursement will not be considered. Travel should occur within 12 months of successfully being awarded scholarship.

    All applications will be reviewed by the RCH Scholarships Selection Committee, which will determine the recipients of all scholarships listed above.  The Committee will require shortlisted applicants to attend an interview in early April for February applications and October for August applications.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process in writing in late April & October respectively and will be formally acknowledged at the Royal Children's Hospital Annual General Meeting.  Successful applicants are expected to attend the RCH Annual General Meeting.

    Other Finance Information

    • Budget must be realistic and justified.
    • If annual leave / holiday travel is proposed as part of the itinerary, applicants should be aware that funding for airfares will be reduced according to FBT guidelines.
    • The Selection Committee may consider the ability of applicants to find other sources of funding.
    • Funding requests to pay for university course fees will not be supported
    • If for any reason awarded amount is not required for the requested itinerary, then any remaining funds should be returned to the Scholarship fund.  Requests to add additional activities with any remaining funds will not be considered.

    Travel and Accommodation

    • Airfares should be no more than standard economy airfares.
    • Airfare quotes must be obtained through the RCH approved travel provider.
    • Accommodation should be equivalent of a 3 - 4 star price range and may include one night either side of proposed activity.
    • Food or daily allowances are not to be included in the budget as these will not be covered by Scholarships.