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Rosella – Intensive Care

Parent information - Rosella

  • Rosella - Intensive Care is managed by its Medical Director, Professor Warwick Butt, and the Nurse Unit Manager, Melissa Culka.

    Patient care is overseen by a team of  consultants; one is on duty during the day for one week and another on call at night. The day-to-day medical care is provided by a number of senior registrars, consultants and residents. 

    Registrars are senior doctors with advanced training in fields including intensive care, paediatrics, anaesthesia and emergency medicine.  The consultants in Rosella - Intensive Care specialise in disciplines such as Cardiology, Cardiac surgery, Anaesthesia, Paediatics or Oncology.  Other specialist services are often consulted about patient care.

    The unit employs more than 180 nursing staff, most of whom have an extra qualification in paediatric intensive care, or are working towards it.  As well as the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM), there are five Associate Unit Managers (AUMs), and clinical nurse specialists and registered nurses. Two clinical nurse educators and two clinical nurse facilitators are based in the unit to support nursing staff at the bedside and co-ordinate staff training.

    Outreach medical & nursing team work with all unit and hospital staff to optimise the process of admission and discharge to and from Rosella - Intensive Care. They provide support and follow-up for all discharged patients, and education and support to general nursing staff when they accept patients from Rosella - Intensive Care, as well as reviewing any children on the wards that may need to come to ICU.

    Clinical technologists also provide 24 hour support for specialist equipment, and assist with provision of complex therapies such as High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV), inhaled  Nitric Oxide therapy (iNO) and renal support. They also supervise the purchase and maintenance of equipment for patients who require home respiratory support.