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Juvenile Arthritis Biobank

  • Juvenile arthritis  belongs to a group of illnesses called autoimmune diseases. In autoimmune diseases an abnormal reaction of the immune system causes inflammation in body tissues even if no infection is present. Juvenile arthritis can affect a child's joints and other parts of the body, causing joint pain, swelling, stiffness and difficulty moving and sometimes fevers and rashes. There is no cure for JIA.

    It is estimated that more than 900 children in Victoria under the age of 18 years have Juvenile Arthritis. About 100 children develop Juvenile Arthritis each year in Victoria.

    The ChiLdhood Arthritis Risk factor Identification Study (CLARITY) is unique.

    What are the aims of CLARITY?

    • To identify the reasons Juvenile Arthritis occurs among Victorian children
    • Improve knowledge on how to prevent Juvenile Arthritis
    • Improve the current advice we can give on how to prevent a child developing Juvenile Arthritis as well as to improve the treatments for Juvenile Arthritis

    We hope that over time 1000 children with Juvenile Arthritis and their families will take part in this project. We want to improve knowledge on how to prevent Juvenile Arthritis and other immune disorders in childhood.  We hope to do this by comparing children and their families who do have these diseases with those who do not with regard to their early life environment and their genetic constitution. This will involve the families completing a questionnaire about their environment, such as exposure to sunlight and exposure to infection. The child will also have a blood test, usually when other blood tests related to their condition are required.

    The success of this project depends on the generous contribution of children with Juvenile Arthritis and their families. Each young person's information is valuable to the project and helps us better understand Juvenile Arthritis. Thank you for your interest.

    If you have an interest in being part of this study or would just like further information, you can contact research nurse Tria Williams on 03 9345 4161


    For further details about what the study involves please see the parent/ guardian information statement below: