Infant and Pre-School Pulmonary Function Laboratory

  • Introduction

    A laboratory dedicated to testing infant and pre-school lung function  to enable a full range of physiological assessments in children too young to cooperate with conventional lung function tests

    • Infant lung function.

      Infant lung function is performed in the infant respiratory laboratory. This is  located on the 2nd floor, Day Medical Unit.  The infant lung function video outlines in detail everything that is involved as part of this procedure.  The breathing tests performed preparation for the day and leading up to this testing.  

    • Multiple breath inert gas washout
    • Baby Body Plethysmography
    • Raised volume rapid thoraco-abdominal compression technique (baby spirometry)

      Infant Lung Function Video

    • Preschool Lung Function

      The preschool lung function laboratory is located on the ground floor, Specialist clinic, reception A3. 

      When we measure lung function in older children, we ask them to take in big breaths and to blow out hard into our machines. Young children cannot do this so we have  developed tests that do not need these big breaths. These tests are performed with the child breathing quietly on our machines. They do not have to do anything different to their normal breathing. These tests are performed with your child breathing through a mouthpiece and wearing a nose-clip.

       For Pre-school children (2 to 6 years)

      • Forced Oscillation Technique
      • Multiple breath inert gas washout
      • Spirometry

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