For external health care providers

  • If you are a General Practitioners or a community Paediatrician and would like to be involved in research the following information will be useful for you.

    Research is an essential part of the development of new treatments, interventions and/or tests that will help your patients.

    Becoming involved

    You may wish to become involved in running research projects yourself if:

    • you are interested in the research question
    • you have patients and/or expertise to contribute

    There are two key groups in Victoria that link GPs and community pediatricians into research.

    1. Australian Paediatric Research Network (APRN)
      The aim of the APRN is to:
      1.  Engage paediatricians to:
        • develop new research questions
        • take part in research projects
        • learn new skills (both clinical and research)
        • foster collaborations with colleagues around the country
      2. Advance knowledge about relatively common paediatric problems identified by practising paediatricians in their day-to-day work
    2. Victorian Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network (VicReN)
      The aim of VicReN is to encourage the conduct of evidence-based primary care practice in Victoria by:
      • providing practices with the opportunity to engage in research, and access research expertise and other development opportunities available through the Department of General Practice at the University of Melbourne;
      • providing Department of General Practice researchers with access to practitioners' expertise and a practice base; and
      • actively disseminating research network findings to network members and to relevant policy-makers


    If you have patients and families who are interested in being involved in research, you can direct them to the "For families" page of this website.

    The Consumers Health Forum (CHF) have developed a factsheet about clinical trials - Consumer guide to clinical trials - that can also be useful for your patients and their families.

    Who to contact at RCH:

     If you wish you speak to someone about the research conducted on Campus please contact the Clinical Research Development Office.