Research Integrity and Excellence

  • RCH takes Research Integrity extremely seriously and has numerous processes in place to ensure the rights and safety of research participants are protected.

    RCH is committed to creating an environment that promotes responsible conduct by having standards of excellence, trustworthiness, and lawfulness. Research at RCH is conducted in compliance with research codes and policies and staff display professional conduct and take personal responsibility for their research.


    The RCH Campus supports the NHMRC Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and all supporting guidance documents and conducts all human research according to the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research . The values described in the National Statement are: respect for human beings, research merit and integrity, justice, and beneficence. These values help to shape the relationship with our research participants as one of trust, mutual responsibility and ethical equality.


    There are several support services on the RCH Campus which promote Research Integrity and Excellence. For a list of these services see the For Researches page.

    Research Quality

    • The  RCH Campus strives to achieve excellence in research through its quality assurance activities such as monitoring
    • The purpose of the monitoring program is to review how research is conducted, and to detect, correct and prevent potential problems
    • The results of the monitoring program are integrated into educational forums for research staff to address training issues. The results are also used as a tool to develop new policies and procedures as part of our risk management strategy


    • The RCH Campus has invested time and resources in providing free training to all RCH Campus staff. This training is provided through interactive workshops and covers topics such as Good Clinical Practice, Informed Consent and How to Run a Clinical Trial. To learn more about the workshops, click here.
    • The RCH Campus is also developing a range of mandatory training modules, which all current and new research staff must complete prior to commencing any research. The training modules will cover Good Clinical Practice, The NHMRC National Statement on Ethics in Human Research and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

    Research Excellence

    The RCH Campus promotes its outstanding research activities via the Campus Council, the Campus Research Committee and the Campus Education Committee which oversee our popular Campus Research and Education Week

    How can we improve?

    The RCH Campus welcomes feedback about our research activities. Feedback can be provided emailing Professor Andrew Davidson.