For industry and sponsors

  • The Royal Children's Hospital, Australia's largest children's hospital treats approximately 34,000 children as inpatients and 230,000 as outpatients each year. In addition there are approximately 70,000 annual presentations in Emergency. Each of these children is a potential research participant.

    RCH has unique partnerships with Australia's largest paediatric research institute, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and with the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne, to create a Campus full of collaborative opportunities. This Campus environment fosters high quality research and researchers as proven by our track record with industry sponsored research.

    The RCH Campus is now in a new billion dollar building - the largest infrastructure project in the state. The new Campus has state of the art facilities and research support departments to enable cutting edge research.

    Most significant of these is the Australian Paediatic Pharmacology Research Unit (APPRU) which is a dedicated purpose-built clinical trial area. Headed by Associate Professor Noel Cranswick, the APPRU performs high quality, timely, clinical trials in children that comply with local and international guidelines.  APPRU provides clinical trials services and personnel who are highly experienced in Phase I to Phase IV trials and issues relating to good clinical practice (GCP), Case Report Form (CRF) management and patient recruitment.

    The Campus also supports a Clinical Research Development Office dedicated to increasing capacity for clinical research and ensuring staff are trained in the conduct of clinical research

    To learn more about these facilities and capabilities click on the following links:

    High quality research facilities and personnel

    Efficient and streamlined ethics and regulatory framework

    • NHMRC certified Human Research Ethics Committee 
      • Member of Eastern Seaboard Mutual Acceptance Program
    • Fast track approval process for drug trials (AlI)
    • Regular auditing of research projects
    • The Victorian Department of Health has set KPIs for the review of both the ethical and site specific applications (SSA) which RCH Research Development and Ethics (RDE) have met in 100% of cases.
      • Ethics approval: 60 days from initial application (deadlines here)
      • SSA: 10 days from receipt of a complete SSA submission (details here)
    • Standard department costs, budget template and guidelines  
    • Education and training:
      • Including on site GCP training

    Large paediatric recruitment pool

    The new family friendly hospital is the largest children’s hospital in Australia with:
    • 34,000 admissions
    • 230,000 outpatient visits
    • 70,000 Emergency Department presentations
    • 20,000 surgical procedures
    • Strong links with community health providers
    • Strong links with primary schools state wide


    • Paediatric Trials Network Australia (PTNA)
      The RCH campus is a founding partner in the PTNA. The PTNA draws together paediatric researchers from around the country committed to improving child health through the facilitation of paediatric clinical trials. The network will provide industry and sponsors with access to a critical mass of researchers and enough research participants so that clinical trials can be successfully completed in a timely fashion.
    • Australian Paediatric Research Network (APRN)
      The RCH campus is a founding partner in the APRN. The APRN is a network of Australian paediatricians who are keen to contribute to new research that is relevant to both public and private practice. The network is the first of its kind in Australia. It builds research capacity by involving more clinicians in research activities and enhancing recruitment for community based research projects.

    Who to contact if you wish to conduct a trial with us:

    • If you wish to approach the RCH Campus about potential research projects, please contact the Director of APPRU Noel Cranswick. Noel is the contact for all therapies and indications.
    • To support commercially sponsored trials, the RCH Campus has established a Sponsored Trials Support Group. This group is made up of clinicians and research, ethics and governance staff and works with industry to build relationships and to increase the Campus' trial portfolio. The remit of this group is to streamline RCH Campus process in order to decrease time to start up, standardise costs across departments and ensure uniform training across research teams.
    • We welcome your feedback and suggestions about research at RCH. If you have any comments please contact the Medical Director of the Melbourne Children's Trials Centre, Andrew Davidson