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Developing and revising Clinical Guidelines (nursing)

  • The Nursing Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC) oversees the review and publishing of the Nursing Guidelines at The RCH.

    Guideline Development and Revision

    Guidelines published by the NCEC are due for a review within 3 years of the published date. An exception to this can occur if the guideline is revised prior to the due revision date because of new research/literature or a recommended change in clinical practice. 

    The below should assist with the development and revision processes :

    Forms and Templates

    Authorised by the NCEC, the below forms and templates are to support the development of Nursing Guidelines. 

    • Clinical Guideline Request Form - This form must be completed and submitted to NCEC prior to commencing revision or development of a Nursing Clinical Guideline. 
    • Clinical Guideline Template- This template outlines the most common guideline headings and layout. Please note this is a guide only.
    • Clinical Guideline Evidence Table - The evidence table must be submitted along with the guideline draft to be reviewed by the committee. This will also be published with the guideline on the website.
    • Education and Implementation Plan  - This form is to be submitted with the guideline draft also. It will not be published but outlines the author(s) plans for communication and implementation of the guideline. 

      For a list of meeting dates and agenda deadlines please see:

      Once you’ve made any subsequent modifications, you can submit the revised document to