Developing and revising Clinical Guidelines (nursing)

  • A number of documents and templates have been authorised by the Nursing Clinical Effectiveness Committee to support the development of Hospital Clinical Guidelines (Nursing). These include

    Revising a guideline

    Guidelines published by the Nursing Clinical Effectiveness Committee are due for a review within 3 years of the published date. An exception to this can occur if the guideline is revised prior to the due revision date because of new research/literature or a recommended change in clinical practice

    The steps below should guide the revision process:

    1. Complete a focused literature search to identify anything that may have been published on this topic in the last 3 years
    2. Update the evidence table and make any changes to the guideline that are needed to reflect any new knowledge or recommendations supported by the literature.
    3. Send the revised guideline to each person who previously reviewed it. If some of those people are no longer at RCH, it’s worth identifying someone who is in that role now and get them involved. There may be new stakeholders that should also be asked to review the guideline.
    4. Set clear deadlines in that first email as to when you require people to give changes to you. Include in the clear deadline, a statement that informs everyone that should you NOT receive any feedback by that deadline, you will assume they have no recommended changes. It would be reasonable to give a 2 week deadline for this review. 

    Once you’ve made any subsequent modifications, you can submit the revised document to