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Clinical Guidelines (Nursing)

About Clinical Guidelines (nursing)

  • Nursing Guidelines… what are they?

    Nursing guidelines, previously known as Hospital Guidelines, are written [mostly] by RCH nurses for RCH nurses. The content however may be applicable to other healthcare providers/students. These guidelines are written to act as a guide, based on current best evidence, to reduce variation in practice and to promote the best care of the patients and their families.  These guidelines are written with a new starter or student nurse in mind but are intended for all nurses at RCH. Please read our disclaimer

    Nursing guidelines are approved by the Nursing Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC), which is chaired by the Nursing Research team. Members of this committee meet monthly and are from many areas of the RCH. The goal of the committee is to involve nurses from all areas of the hospital to ensure the guidelines are relevant for all practice settings, irrespective of where the child is being cared for. If you are interested in joining the NCEC contact Nursing Research. Please read our Terms of Reference (RCH access only).

    In brief, Nursing Clinical Guidelines, are:

    • specific to RCH.
    • evidence-based.
    • reviewed and have specified creation and revision dates.
    • developed and reviewed with stakeholder contribution and approval.
    • approved via the Nursing Clinical Effectiveness Committee.

    Other Useful Clinical Resources 

    At RCH we are very fortunate to have many resources. Other resources managed by other entities include: 

    Type What are they? Access Contact
    Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs)

    CPGs are guidelines intended for all clinicians, many endorsed by the Paediatric Improvement Collaborative (PIC) between Clinical Excellence Queensland, the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, Safer Care Victoria and The RCH. 

    Note: Nursing guidelines are housed with the CPGs in the CPG index but are coordinated separately.

     CPGs are externally accessible.
    Departmental guidelines These departmental-specific guidelines are written, housed, and managed by individual departments. RCH access only.  Varies. Contact the ward/department.
    Medication protocols and information sheets Medication Protocols and Information Sheets are designed for use within The Royal Children's Hospital only. RCH access only. RCH Medicines Information Centre
    Paediatric injectable guidelines (PIG) Nationally recognised guides to paediatric injectable medication administration for staff of the RCH. The PIG is externally accessible.
    Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) P&Ps are hospital mandated. Staff are required to follow these.   Limited external access. RCH Board Secretary/Policy and Procedures Co-ordinator, Peter Bunworth
    Kids Health Info Sheets Kids Health Info Sheets are written as a resource for parents. These sheets are externally accessible.