Better Start

  • Better Start for Children with Disability provides funding for early intervention services.  Children are eligible for the program if diagnosed with one of the following disabilities:  Cerebral Palsy, Deafblindness, Down syndrome (inc mosaic Down syndrome), Fragile X syndrome with full mutation, hearing impairment, sight impairment. Children registered with Better Start can access up to $12,000 (maximum $6,000 per year) to pay for early intervention services. These services include: 
    • Audiology
    • Occupational therapy
    • Orthoptics
    • Physiotherapy
    • Psychology and
    • Speech pathology
    Families living in outer regional or remote areas may be eligible for an additional one-off payment of $2,000.
    This payment is to assist with additional expenses associated with accessing services. 

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    Better Start

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    Phone:     1800 242 636