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  • The first edition of the booklet was written by Frank Shann, Rob Henning and Lara Shekerdemian with contributions from other medical staff at the RCH PICU, including Warwick Butt (ECMO, Filtration), James Tibballs (Envenomation), and Mike South. Many parts of this booklet were developed in col­la­bo­ration with other departments at the Royal Chil­d­ren’s Hospital, or adapted from material pro­duced by other departments.

    This edition was substantially revised by the senior medical staff at RCH in 2016-17. Trevor Duke (general section and chief editor); Johnny Millar (cardiac section editor); Roberto Chiletti (ECMO and haemofiltration); Michael Clifford (Analgesia, Sedation, Anaesthesia); Ben Gelbart (Organ donation, MET); Chris James (Nutrition, PETS); Bennett Sheridan (Cardiomyopathy and VAD sections); Thomas Rozen (Head injury, Trauma), Siva Namachivayam (Long-stay PICU patients); Tali Gladish (Orthopaedic post-operative care, Sepsis); and Warwick Butt (PICU admin).