Open disclosure

  • 'Open disclosure' refers to the process of open communication with patients and their families following an adverse event.

    RCH is committed to creating an environment that facilitates open and effective communication between all health care professionals, and between health care professionals and patients and their families. It is expected that RCH staff will disclose adverse events to patients and/or their families.  Patients and their families have a right to receive information after an adverse event, and to be appropriately supported.

    Previously the obligation to discuss adverse events with patients and their families has been an ethical one.  The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities 2006 (Vic) now creates a legal obligation upon all public entities, such as RCH, to protect human rights and includes the right to receive information in certain prescribed circumstances.

    Open Disclosure is a standardised procedure with differing levels of response required depending on the nature and severity of the adverse event. For information on the procedure to be followed and responsibilities of staff, see the Open Disclosure Procedure (Intranet only).

    Information is available to assist families regarding this process ( Adverse Events and Open Disclosure). For support or assistance, please contact the Consumer Liaison Officer on 93455676.

    Link: Victorian Department of Health Clinical Risk Management - Open Disclosure

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