• 5S Program Refresh in Clinical Areas

    5S is a disciplined process to develop and maintain an efficient, clean and organised workplace.

    In preparation for the move to the new RCH in 2011, the hospital adopted 5S to manage workplaces, reduce accumulated records and equipment, organise storage areas, and improve practices for ordering consumables.

    "Now that we have settled into this wonderful facility, it is time to refresh the principles of 5S so that we maintain the systems that were put in place to create efficient and organised work spaces," Executive Director Strategy & Organisational Improvement Jane Miller said.

    A 5S Program Refresh will be conducted in clinical areas from February to May 2015, with a focus on reviewing and improving our systems for:

    • maintaining tidy equipment storage, especially when storing bulky items on the ward
    • keeping emergency equipment and exits unobstructed
    • maintaining appropriate consumable stock levels
    • using visual controls that assist us to work efficiently
    • maintaining tidy workstations / desks.

    The 5S Program Refresh will be rolled out in waves over the coming months, with support from Strategy and Improvement.

    To sustain this process into the future, 5S will be routinely considered and discussed as part of Great Care Rounds.

    Resources to support 5S in your area are provided below:

    For further details, please refer to the 5S Refresh schedule for your ward/departments' key contact