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  • Australian supplier payment code for small business

    The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) has committed to the Business Council of Australia’s Australian Supplier Payment Code. As part of this code we commit to paying eligible Australian small business suppliers within 30 days of receipt of a correct invoice or the delivery of goods (whichever is later).

    To be eligible suppliers must be able to demonstrate that they:

    • Hold a current Australian ABN
    • Have turnover no greater than $10 million in the last financial or calendar year (excluding suppliers that are part of a consolidated group of companies).

    If you believe that you are eligible you may self-nominate through the online nomination process. Once your nomination is assessed you will receive notification advising you of the outcome. If you are deemed eligible your payment terms will be updated.

    Additional information

    A correct invoice is one that meets the following requirements:

    • Addressed to the RCH
    • Complies with Australian GST legislation
    • Includes the correct RCH purchase order number
    • Goods or services supplied and pricing match exactly the relevant purchase order
    • Emailed directly to
    • Attached as a single pdf per email. Linked invoices will not be accepted due to technical and security reasons.

    All queries or disputes relating to the Code should be emailed to and will be acknowledged within two business days. Resolution will vary dependent on the nature of the query or dispute.  

  • Nomination form

    Please attach one of the following to confirm eligibility:

    A copy of audited accounts with evidence of total revenues less than AU$10 million in the last financial or calendar year; or

    A statement of total revenues from an independent accounting firm. This statement must be on company letterhead signed by a member of one of the following professional accounting bodies:

    – Institute of Public Accountants

    – CPA Australia

    – Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

    The statement must include the member’s name, title, company and professional membership number.



    Supporting evidence