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Policies and Procedures

Identification badges

  • 1. Purpose

    An Identification Badge with RCH lanyard or Authorised Visitor Badge must be worn by all staff and authorised visitors at all times on RCH premises. This is an important aspect of organisational security as RCH operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with access to staff and visitors at any time.

    In keeping with this procedure, access to Departments' keys and facilities will be refused if identification is not worn.


    All staff and all authorized visitors on RCH premises are responsible for:

    • wearing the identification badge and lanyard at all times on RCH premises and not outside RCH premises unless on official business;
    • wearing the identification badge above waist level and fully visible with face and name side facing outwards;
    • ensuring that identification badge are easily read and not obscured by stickers;
    • understanding that the identification badge and lanyard remains RCH property and is returned upon termination of employment or when a new identification badge is to be issued;
    • providing appropriate identification when collecting the new or replacement identification badge;
    • requesting the Department Manager for a replacement identification badge if the badge is more then five years old, lost, severely damaged or if the employee is appointed to a new position.

    The Department Manager is responsible that all staff in his/ her area of responsibility or invited visitors wear a valid and clearly visible identification badge at all times.

    Human Resources is responsible for checking identification, issuing an identification badge to all staff and authorized visitors and keeping identification badge requests for RCH employees on their personnel file.

    2. Definitions

    Identification badge is a plasticised badge with a RCH, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, logo or visiting design as appropriate. The identification badge will display the employee's photo and state the employee's name, position title, department employed and employee number. An identification badge for staff employed in a fixed term capacity will include an end date.

    Lanyard is to attach the identification badge onto and hangs around the employee's neck. Lanyards are colour coded and have RCH and employee group specific text printed.

    All staff means all staff employed or engaged by RCH including employees on fixed term or ongoing contracts, casual staff, external agency staff and contractors deployed at RCH, students and volunteers. It also includes MCRI (Murdoch Children's Research Institute) staff, students, volunteers and visiting staff.

    All authorised visitors applies to university staff affiliated with RCH and guests invited by RCH staff who are requested to be at RCH premises, but excludes patients and persons related to patients.

    Formal identification is regarded as a driver's licence, passport or birth certificate. For the purpose of replacing an identification badge, the presentation of an old identification badge will be sufficient as identification.

    3. Procedure

    RCH staff

    • Human Resources (for new employees) or Department Manager (for replacement identification badge and visitors) complete and authorize an Identification Badge request stating name, position title, department, employment number and employment end date if applicable.
    • The staff member visits Human Resources (new employees on commencement day), presents the authorized "Identification Badge Request" form and appropriate identification.
    • Human Resources takes a digital photo and creates the identification badge which together with a lanyard will be ready for collection.
    • Human Resources files the authorized "Identification Badge Request" form in the employee's personnel file.

    External staff and authorised visitors

    • Department Manager collect a plain identification badge (without photo) for external agency staff and contractors deployed at RCH prior to their commencement.
    • External staff or authorised visitors requiring an identification badge with photo will need to be escorted to Human Resources by a RCH employee to create the identification badge.