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Policies and Procedures

Identification badges

  • 1.    Purpose

    All staff of the RCH are required to have two forms of identification:

    1. A Staff Identification Card or Authorised Visitor Card which is also contains a proximity code so that access can be gained to authorised spaces in the building (see section 4.1 below)

    The Identification which is to be worn by all staff and authorised visitors at all times on RCH premises.

    Staff are provided with an RCH retractable device on which to place the ID card.

    This is an important aspect of organisational security as RCH operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with access to staff and visitors at any time. Access to restricted areas will not be granted if a staff member cannot prove their identity with an identification card.

    2. A Name Badge – This is to help improve visibility of staff names and roles. Name badges are an important tool to support the RCH’s ‘Hello, My Name Is’ campaign (see section 4.2 below)

    2.    Definitions

    Staff Identification card is a plasticised card with a RCH or Murdoch Children's Research Institute logo. The identification card will display the employee's photo and state the employee's name, position title, and employee number.

    Name badge -  a plastic badge with a magnetic backing and an RCH logo and displays the employee’s name and role or department. Staff employed in a fixed term capacity (less than three months) and/or casual staff who work less than one-day per week, will not be supplied with a name badge.

    All staff means all staff employed or engaged by RCH including employees on fixed term or ongoing contracts, casual staff, external agency staff and contractors deployed at RCH, students and volunteers. It also includes MCRI (Murdoch Children's Research Institute) staff, students, volunteers and visiting staff.

    All authorised visitors applies to university staff affiliated with RCH and guests invited by RCH staff who are requested to be at RCH premises, but excludes patients and persons related to patients.

    Formal identification is regarded as a driver's licence, passport or birth certificate. For the purpose of replacing an identification card, the presentation of an old identification card will be sufficient as identification

    LOTE (Languages Other Than English). RCH staff have the option of identifying that they speak LOTE, by displaying the flag of the country where the language is spoken, on their badge. There is space for a  maximum of three flags. Staff who speak LOTE should NOT interpret for patients and families who are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) or from a Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) and should instead engage Interpreter Services.  

    3.    Responsibilities

    RCH staff (and authorised visitors) are responsible for:

    • Wearing their staff ID cards and name badge at all times on RCH premises and not outside RCH premises unless on official business.
    • Understanding that the staff ID card and the name badge remains RCH property and must be returned to the Department Manager upon termination of employment or when a new staff ID or name badge is to be issued.
    • Requesting the Department Manager for a replacement name badge if the badge is lost or damaged or if the employee is appointed to a new position where the role on their current name badge is no longer applicable or where the employee has a legal change of name.

    The Department Manager is responsible for:

    • Placing requests for staff identification cards and name badges (for new employees and replacement name badges);
    • Ensuring all staff in their area of responsibility wear a staff ID and name badge at all times.
    • Receiving returned staff ID and name badges from team members upon termination of employment Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that staff are entered into the HR system prior to their commencement.

    The Security Office is responsible for checking identification and issuing a staff identification card.

    The Purchasing Department is responsible for ordering name badges and receipting delivery of name badges (see Section 4.2 below)  

    4.    Procedure:

    4.1  Staff Identification Cards

    Upon commencement, staff are required to:

    • report to the Security Office and present appropriate identification. The following are examples of appropriate identification:
      • Passport (including foreign issued passport)
      • Australian Drivers License
      • Birth Certification that is accompanied with government issued photo identification

    Replacement Staff Identification Card:

    • presentation of the old identification card will be sufficient as identification

    The Security Office will take a photograph and create the staff identification card. The Staff identification card will be issued to the staff member, along with a plastic holder and a retractable ID card holder.

    Security will program the card with the access required and record the card details and handover date of the card to the employee.

    4.2  Name Badges

    Name badges are an important tool to support the RCH’s ‘Hello, My Name Is’ campaign:

    Every patient, every time

    • Introduce yourself and your role;
    • Inform the patient the purpose of your visit; and
    • How long the interaction will take.

    Name badges must be worn by all RCH staff whilst on RCH premises, in addition to an Identification Card (see Section 3.1 above)   

    Ordering Name Badges:

    • Please order the name badges via Coupa by clicking here
    • Type “name badge” in the search bar, there are two types of fit
      -  Magnetic fitting (the most common) - Alternatively use code 361320 in the serach bar
      -  Pin fitting
    • Click add to basket and checkout accordingly with your delivery and cost centre details
    • Fill in this form and attach it to the requisition in Coupa
    • For access to Coupa, please email

    Department Managers

    • Ensure the attachment is uploaded stating preferred first name, surname (if applicable), badge title/department, country of LOTE spoken (optional)
    • Approve the requisition for name badges placed in Coupa by your staff member.

    Guidelines for Department Managers

    • Name badge orders should not be placed for staff employed on a fixed term contract (less than three months) or casual staff who work less than one day per week. These staff will not be required to wear a name badge;
    • Senior Medical Staff have the option of displaying a title (i.e. Dr, Prof, A/Prof, etc.) on their name badge.
    • All staff can display their ‘preferred’ first name on their name badge.
    • Only name badges for Executive, Directors, Heads of Department/Department Managers and Senior Medical Staff will display their surname.
    • The ‘Surname’ field must be left blank on the Name Badge Request Form for all other staff.
    • The ‘Badge Role or Department’ field must follow the principles of the ‘Hello, My Name Is’ campaign. The staff member’s general role (i.e. nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, etc.) or the Department name may be displayed. Refer to the name badges currently worn in your Department to ensure consistency.
    • All staff can opt to display three flags to identify they speak a LOTE. The staff member needs to identify the COUNTRY where the language is spoken, NOT the language spoken. Under no circumstances should staff, who choose to identify they speak LOTE by displaying flags on their badge, use it to interpret for patients and families who are CALD or from a NESB.
    • The information that is entered into the Name Badge Request Form will be printed on the name badge. It is the responsibility of Department Managers to ensure all information is correct and that spellcheck has been completed.

    5. Related procedures