Policies and Procedures

Code of conduct

  • In the pursuit of our role at the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH), we aim to grow and nuture a safe and positive workplace culture that is underpinned by our values and characterised by inclusive, civil and respectful behaviour. We recognise the rights and the diverse needs of children and young people and encourage their participation wherever practicable.

    This Code of Conduct sets out our behavioural expectations and the way we conduct ourselves at the RCH. This code applies to all RCH Board members, managers and employees, prospective employees, contractors, honorary employees, students, volunteers and affiliates. Our campus partners and contractors acknowledge and observe the Code.

    The Code shoud be read in conjunction with any relevant statutory requirements, professional codes pertinent to individual roles, professsions, and related RCH policies and procedures. Each employee or volunteer of RCH is also required to comply and abide by the Code of Conduct as published by the Public Sector Standards Commission. This can be found on the Victorian Public Sector Commission website. Board members have an additional expectation to comply with the Code of Conductor for directors of Victorian Public entities.

    Expectations of behaviour

    Everyone covered by our Code of Conduct is expected to familiarise themselves with the Code, to act with honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times and to do everythin within their capacity to create, grow and reinforce an inclusive, safe and positive workplace culture. This is best done by living our values every day and creating an inclusive and affirming culture that encourages everyone to speak up safely when they have concerns and to provide input, ideas and suggestions to improve what we do and how we do it.

    RCH Vision, Role and Values

    Our Vision is: A world where all kids thrive. We believe all children and young people should have the same opportunity to realise their potential.

    Our Role is: We work together to put children and young people at the heart of our care, research and learning.

    RCH Values:

    Curious, we are creative, playful and collaborative

    • We find new ways to work together to create and deliver the best care experiences because we respond to each situation with the imagination and creativity that's needed.
    • We are open-minded in our conversations with each other, with children and young people, with parents, families and carers, and with our state, national and global partners. When we share generously and learn from others, we gain new and unexpected results.
    • When delivering care to children, we know that play is a serious part of healing.

    Courageous, we pursue our goals with determination, ambition and confidence

    • Our vision is bold and so are we. We try new things in order to empower patients and families in their care, and to grow and share our knowledge with our colleagues and healthcare partners. We include many different voices in our ambition to ensure we are creating change in the right way and for everyone's benefit.
    • When we hit a roadblock, we willingly respond with enthusiasm and determination. If we are daunted by what we face, we work together with each other, with the people we care for and with our partners to find solutions that lead us towards our vision.

    Inclusive, we embrace diversity, communicate well, build connections and celebrate our successes together

    • The most important thing is our common desire to give every child and young person the best opportunity to thrive. We put aside our desire to be seen as the leader or to be acknowledged as the best, so that we can achieve better results together.
    • We value everyone. We collaborate across teams, across disciplines, across organisations and with patients, families and carers.
    • We actively seek out connections, both inside and outside our organisation, that serve to amplify everything we pursue.

    Kind, we are generous, warm and understanding

    • Everyone is welcome because all kids deserve to thrive. We treat everyone with respect and compassion because we value their experience and humanity. We are generous with our knowledge and support for our colleague and healthcare partners. We are generous with our knowledge and support for our colleagues and healthcare partners. We make sure that everyone visiting, working and partnering with us feels safe, acknowledged and understood. That's why we listen and follow through on our promises.
    • We are mindful that the impacts of our work are sustainable for the benefit of both patients and the planet, now and into the future.

    Our responsibilities under the Code of Conduct:

    It is our responsibility to adhere to all the terms and conditions of our employment contract and RCH policies and procedures. Each of us has a responsibility to abide by the Code, applicable legislation, RCH Policies and Procedures, professional requirement and to ensure that other who report to us or who we are working with also comply. Listed below are some of the more widely applicable professional codes, policies and procedures that apply to our employment, noting that the list is not exhaustive:


    Where conflicts arise between expectations of statutory requirements, codes, policies and procedure, the stricter of the requirements will apply. Where conflicts still exist having taken consideration of the above, the conflict in expectations should be escalated for resolution by the relevant Executive in conjunction with the Executive Directore People and Culture, or in the care of Board members, via the Chair of the Board. In consideration of the conflict of duty, the Board Chair must manage the conflict in the public interest.


    Breaches of this Code of Conduct, or of RCH policies and procedures, should be reported to your manager, team leader, or to a Human Resources representative as soon as practicable. This includes behaviour that is contrary to RCH values, violates any law or regulation or represents corrupt conduct, mismanagement of public resources or is a danger to public health or safety. If you are unsure whether an action is a breach of legislation, the Code of Conduct or an RCH Policy or Procedure, you should raise the matter with your manager, team leader or a Human Resources representative.

    The RCH takes breaches of this Code of Conduct and other RCH policies and procedures seriously. Employees who breach this Code of Conduct may face disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Contractors and volunteers may also face disciplinary action, including termination or cessation of their engagement if they breach the Code. Breaches of this Code of Conduct may result in a requirement for RCH to make mandatory notifications to external regulatory bodies. Serious breaches of this Code that amount to potential criminal conduct may also be referred to the police.