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Policies and Procedures

Code of conduct

  • As staff of the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) we value Unity, Respect, Integrity and Excellence. The Code of Conduct sets out the way we conduct ourselves at RCH and is based on four values which inform and guide our behaviours.

    Our values underpin everything we do at RCH. At all times we behave in a way that upholds these values both as individuals and as representatives of the RCH.

    This Code applies to all employees and volunteers.  Our campus partners and contractors acknowledge and observe the Code.

    Whilst the RCH Code of Conduct specifies the behaviours expected of employees and volunteers, it should be read in conjunction with any professional code of conduct that is relevant to the profession of the individual. 


    We work as a team and in partnership with our communities;

    • We work together to create a safety culture through our commitment to the physical and psychological well-being of one another
    • RCH managers assume responsibility for providing a safe and healthy workplace that recognises and values skills, abilities and contributions.  They give their employees a clear sense of direction and purpose.  They set realistic goals, timelines and workloads and provide appropriate information and resources to complete work. 
    • We take responsibility for fulfilling the tasks assigned to us by applying all our knowledge, skills and experience.
    • We share the workload and contribute including stretching ourselves to achieve our goals.
    • We engage in constructive debate about ideas and initiatives, listen to others views, consult and collaborate with one another in support and acceptance of final decisions once they are made.
    • We work with our campus partners to improve services for our patients and their families and to provide opportunities for our staff.


    We respect the rights of all and treat people the way we would like them to treat us;

    • We respect and value each other's professionalism and contribution, working with each other collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for all.
    • We respect RCH Policies and Procedures and inform ourselves of them and act in accordance with them. 
    • We are committed to diversity, fairness and equal employment opportunities.
    • We accept people’s cultures and beliefs and allow them to enjoy their identity, language and history.
    • We do not tolerate bullying or harassment or violence and intimidation (either verbal or physical) or unlawful discrimination.
    • We do not initiate or perpetuate rumours.
    • We respect people’s right to freedom of choice and expression.


    We believe that how we work is as important as the work we do;

    • We are honest, ethical and open in our dealings with each other, our patients and their families.
    • We provide accurate, honest and complete information while ensuring we respect our privacy and confidentiality obligations.
    • We do not knowingly make false statements, or mislead directly or by omission, in all communications.
    • We respect confidentiality and do not misuse information which we learn about the RCH, our staff, patients and families during our employment.  We maintain this confidentiality even after we have left the RCH.
    • We work within professional boundaries and maintain therapeutic professional relationships with our patients and their families.
    • We do not encourage or pressure others to disclose confidential, sensitive or privileged information.
    • We access, use and disclose confidential information only for authorised work-related purposes.
    • We abide by all the terms and conditions of our employment contract and RCH policies and procedures.
    • We take responsibility and are accountable for all the RCH resources and property used in the performance of our duties.
    • We use the services and facilities provided to us by the RCH only for the purpose and in accordance with the terms on which they have been provided.  Work resources include physical, financial and intellectual property.
    • We perform our work impartially and refuse all offers that could be reasonably perceived as undermining the integrity and impartiality of the RCH or ourselves.
    • We observe the highest standards of integrity in financial matters and comply with the requirements of relevant financial management legislation, and RCH policies and procedures. 
    • We maintain a strict separation between work related and personal financial matters and only use or authorise the use of RCH financial resources or facilities for work related purposes.
    • We report any possible fraudulent behaviour or observed misconduct to our manager, the relevant Executive Director and/or Chief Executive Officer.


    We are committed to achieving our goals and improving outcomes;

    • We share our knowledge and expertise generously to support excellence across the Hospital.
    • We strive to achieve the highest quality in our work and research.
    • We aim to continuously improve all aspects of our service and evaluate our results.
    • We uphold the principles of patient focused and family centred care in everything we do.
    • We ensure our patients and their families are actively involved in decisions regarding their care and treatment.
    • We acknowledge our role in the broader community and involve ourselves in activities that make a contribution.
    • We consider the impact of our decisions on our patients, families, colleagues and the community.

    Conflict of Interest

    Managing conflicts of interest responsibly is an important part of all our values at the RCH; 

    A conflict of interest occurs where an employee has a personal or professional interest that could influence or could reasonably be perceived to influence the objective performance of their duties and responsibilities at the RCH.   We do not, therefore, participate in activities that involve a conflict between our duties and responsibilities. 

    RCH employees need to be aware of, and seek to avoid, any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest in all their dealings with internal and external parties.  RCH employees do not use their power to provide a private benefit to themselves, their family, friends or associates, and family and other personal relationships do not influence their decisions.

    Some examples of how we manage conflicts of interest;

    • We disclose any material interests we have to our Manager.
    • We adhere to the delegations as detailed in the RCH Delegations Manual.
    • We do not solicit, accept or offer money, gifts, or favours which might influence or appear to influence our decisions.
    • We declare reportable gifts to our manager
    • We advise our managers if we have secondary employment or a private business activity outside of RCH which may cause a conflict of interest.

    Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property generated by employees during the course of their employment with the Royal Children's Hospital will be managed consistent with the current Royal Children’s Hospital Intellectual Property Policy as amended from time to time or your current agreement.

    Our responsibilities under the Code of Conduct;

    RCH policies and procedures, including the Code of Conduct are integral to the RCH achieving its vision of being a ‘GREAT children's hospital, leading the way."

    Each of us as an RCH employee and volunteer has a responsibility to abide by applicable legislation, the Code of Conduct and RCH Policies and Procedures and to ensure that others who report to us or who we are working with also comply.  Breaches should be reported to our manager, team leader, or to a People and Culture representative as soon as practicable.  This includes behaviour that violates any law or regulation or represents corrupt conduct, mismanagement of public resources or is a danger to public health or safety.    If you are unsure whether an action is a breach of legislation, the Code of Conduct or an RCH Policy or Procedure you should raise the matter with your manager or with a People and Culture representative. 

    The RCH takes breaches of this Code and other RCH policies and procedures seriously.   Employees who breach this Code of Conduct may face disciplinary action up to and potentially including termination of employment.  Contractors and volunteers may also face disciplinary action, including termination or cessation of their engagement if they breach the Code.  Serious breaches of this Code may also be referred to the police if potential criminal conduct is involved. 

    Each employee or volunteer of RCH is also required to comply and abide by the Code of Conduct as published by the Public Sector Standards Commission. This can be found on the Victorian Public Sector Commission web-site .