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Policies and Procedures

Car parking – official visitors and off site staff

  • 1. Overview

    This procedure outlines criteria by which official visitors and RCH staff employed off-site may obtain complimentary parking during official business at the RCH Flemington Rd campus. The cost of the parking for an official visitor is borne by the cost centre approving the request and is charged at the maximum daily casual parking rate, directly to the cost centre. 

    2. Definition of terms

    Official visitor

    An Official Visitor is anyone who is invited to the hospital, for the benefit of the hospital. This excludes sales representatives and persons attending conferences and meetings primarily for their own or other organisations' benefit.

    The following qualify as official visitors:

    • Approved service providers
    • Consumers that participate in research projects or serve on the Community Advisory Committee or Family Advisory Council;
    • Volunteers;
    • Invited members of RCH Committees e.g. Human Ethics, EMR Steering Committee, Board Sub-committees or working parties e.g Quality & Service Planning ;
    • Others, where costs are being on-charged (for example ERC).

    Off-site RCH staff

    RCH staff located offsite that travel to RCH to conduct hospital business, e.g. Mental Health Service, Adolescent Forensic Health Service, Outreach programs are also classed as Official Visitors.

    3. Process

    Requesting exit passes

    1. Departmental nominee requests cost centre exit passes by completing request form
    2. Cost Centre Manager authorises purchase of exit passes on request form (‘one-up approval principle applies).
    3. Signed form is submitted to the car park / Security Office on the Lower Ground Floor.
    4. Car park manager prints exit passes upon receipt of authorised form and notifies cost centre manager when exit passes are ready for collection.
    5. Cost Centre manager / nominee collects exit passes and signs form to verify collection.
    6. Car park manager files application for car park cost centre exit passes request form.      

    Cost centre ticket application form is available on the RCH intranet – refer section 5 below.

    Using exit passes

    1. Official Visitor / off-site RCH staff member (‘recipient’) arrives at RCH car park and obtains parking ticket from the car park entry gate.
    2. Prior to departure from the RCH the recipient is issued an exit pass by a departmental nominee.
    3. Recipient exits car park by inserting the exit pass into the car park exit gate.
    4. A record of use for each car park pass issued must be kept by the issuing department for auditing purposes.

    4. Responsibility

    Cost Centre Manager / nominee - RCH / RCH Foundation/ MCRI:

    • Completes application for car park exit passes form
    • Informs staff members hosting official visitors of compliance to RCH procedures
    • Explains RCH procedures to official visitors
    • Issues car park exit passes to recipients
    • Maintains ongoing records of car park tickets issued according to policy accountability requirements and includes all records with applications for additional passes.

    Car park administrator

    Car park manager – Spotless Services Ltd

    • Prints car park exit coupons
    • Issues car park exit coupons to cost centre nominees
    • Maintains car park exit coupon records
    • Supplies car park exit coupon information to hospital representative on request 

    Finance Department

    • Allocates cost of car park exit passes to the appropriate cost centre

    5. Related procedures

    This procedure should be read in conjunction with the RCH VIP invitations procedure.

    6. References - associated forms 

    Refer below for website links to forms as referenced in this procedure: