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Pain Control


    Take medications as required for pain (paracetamol and ibuprofen are available from pharmacies without prescription). Local anaesthetic is given at the time of surgery; this should wear off within 24 hours and an increase in pain may occur when the local anaesthetic ceases to have effect.


    Codeine has been prescribed as additional pain relief for your child. Use only as directed and be aware that codeine can cause vomiting and dizziness in children who are sensitive to it. If this occurs then halve the dose given, or cease using the medication, or only give prior to sleep. Codeine can also slow the bowel and cause constipation; give plenty of fluids, fruits & vegetables and consider prune juice or faecal softeners/ laxatives (parachoc, lactulose, senna) from your local pharmacy if this is a problem. Do not be afraid to give codeine but do stop using it once paracetamol is sufficient for your child.

    Follow up

    Your follow up appointment will be at one of the following:

    • Plastic Surgery Outpatients (Registrar Clinic), Blue Desk, Ground Floor Royal Children's Hospital (morning appointment)
    • Consultant Clinic 
    • Consultant Private Rooms 
    • Local doctor

    If you are unable to keep your appointment please call to reschedule.