About the Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery Department

  • Message from the Head of Department

    "The Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery Department is an innovative and internationally respected unit. We have been providing care to children and their families, both locally and throughout Australia, since the department's inception in 1948. The skilled surgeons of yesteryear and today have provided a comprehensive range of surgical services to assist the children within their care. Our services are directed at the form and function of the individual, helping them through their early years, through to becoming young adults. Within our department we pride ourselves on excellence in clinical care, service, undergraduate and postgraduate education and internationally recognised research.

    Binding these above areas together are the overarching themes of collaboration, collegiality, innovation and creativity. This enables the staff of our department to provide a complete range of state of the art plastic and maxillofacial surgery services to improve the lives of children with congenital and acquired conditions. These include craniofacial and maxillofacial disorders, cleft lip and palate services, paediatric hand and limb anomalies, vascular anomalies and general plastic and maxillofacial conditions.

    Post-graduate education is integral to the philosophy of departmental activities with training posts at various levels. Our surgeons are at the forefront of advancing medical knowledge through clinical and experimental research, and this supports continued development and evolution within the department. Many of our surgeons have enviable international reputations and are regularly invited to present our work and research outcomes at numerous national and international meetings.

    We are dedicated to providing our patients with the most comprehensive and individualised patient centered care, and your thoughts, concerns, and objectives are considered crucial in the creation of a tailored treatment plan.

    Prof Chris Coombs
    Clinical Professor, University of Melbourne

    3-Dimensional Camera


    A new paradigm in surgical planning and research

    The Department and Educational Resource Centre have recently upgraded the 3-dimensional camera system with a donation very generously provided by the Muriel and Les Batten Foundation. Our surgeons will use this advanced technology to view and assess 3d images of patients to assist in their planning, auditing and assessment of patients. The RCH is the first hospital in Australasia to use this technology.