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Business and development

  • The Pharmacy Business Unit was established in 1993. The unit undertakes special projects that will enhance paediatric health care. This may include the development of specialised drug products, or through the provision of education. The unit is self-funding and any profits raised are directed into new projects, as well as equipment and education for the pharmacy staff.


    Products listed or registered on the ARTG

    The RCH Pharmacy Business Unit has four products registered or listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

    Nappy Goo® (AUST L 75440)

    Nappy Goo® is a nappy rash cream that contains zinc oxide, hamamelis water and melaleuca oil. See our Nappy Goo website for further information. 

    HyperSal6 (ARTG No. 275201)

    HyperSal6 is a sterile hypertonic saline solution (sodium chloride 6% w/v) available in sterile individual use sachets for inhalation via a nebuliser.  HyperSal6 is for the induction of sputum in the lower respiratory tract in patients with persistent mucus accumulation associated with suppurative lung conditions. HyperSal6 is contract manufactured exclusively for The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne by Briemar Nominees Pty Ltd, Koo Wee Rup VIC 3981.

    Arginine 750 mg capsules (AUST R 54260)

    L - Arginine capsules can be used in the treatment of metabolic disorders under specialist medical supervision. 

    Monosodium L-Aspartate (MSA) 14 mmol/10 mL injection 

    RCH Monosodium L-aspartate is a sterile, clear, colourless solution, containing monosodium aspartate 14 mmoL and water for injections to 10 mL.

    The Pharmacy Business Unit also supplies several products under a contract manufacture arrangement. Contact the unit for more information.  


    Paediatric Injectable Guidelines

    Now in its 5th edition, The Royal Children's Hospital Paediatric Injectable Guidelines have been compiled and edited by experienced paediatric pharmacists to provide evidence-based, peer-reviewed and up to date specific guidance for health professionals in the preparation and effective administration of injectable medications in paediatric patients.

    See our Paediatric Injectable Guidelines website for all the information.

    Contact the Pharmacy Business Development Unit

    Telephone (03) 9345 5995
    Facsimile (03) 9349 1261