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Pathology Collection

About Pathology Collection

  • Pathology Collection provides pathology collection services for outpatients and some inpatients at RCH, RWH, Frances Perry House and Suite 2, Level 6, Private Consulting Rooms, Royal Womens Hospital, 20 Flemington Road, Parkville 3052.

    The Royal Children's Hospital

    Pathology Collection provides a collection service to patients attending clinic appointments at RCH.  Pathology collectors also provide an inpatient service with regular ward rounds throughout the day (requests via pager 6398). 

    There is also a Pathology Collection Service provided for sweat tests (cystic fibrosis) and breath hydrogen testing - appointments must be arranged prior to arrival in Pathology Collection

    Sweat Test Patient Information Sheet
    Breath Hydrogen Patient Information Sheet

    Appointments are generally not required for patients attending Pathology Collection (except for sweat tests and breath hydrogen testing). Please phone to confirm, if an appointment is required.

    Pathology Collection is also available to patients attending Genetic Health Services Victoria clinics.







    0900am - 1000am (appts only, no outpatients)


    0800am -1600pm

    0800am - 1200pm

     Ward Rounds

    0730 approx
    0900 approx
    1000 approx

    0800 approx
    1000 approx
    1000 approx


    The Royal Women's Hospital

    Pathology Collection provides an outpatient collection service for RWH and inpatient collection services for Frances Perry House.
    Appointments are required for pathology collection services for Glucose Tolerance testing (GCT)




    Monday-Thursday: 0830am-1720pm

    Friday: 0830am- 1420pm

    Frances Perry House

    0730am - 1600pm

    Suite 6, Level 2 @ RWH

    0830am - 1650pm