Training in paediatric surgery

  • The Department of Paediatric Surgery provides surgical services for all children in metropolitan Melbourne and specialised services for children with complex diseases from a wide region of Southern Australia. To facilitate these surgical services the Royal Children’s Hospital has six trainee positions. Trainees have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of paediatric surgical specialties including trauma, burns, urology, hepatobiliary, oncology and thoracic surgery. There is also the involvement in general paediatric surgical care including neonatal surgical conditions. Of the registrar group four positions are available to trainees within the RACS Paediatric Surgery Program and the other two positions are available to international medical graduates.  

    As the busiest paediatric surgical service in Australasia the role of a Paediatric Surgical Registrar is a demanding one, but one that provides a great exposure to a wide variety of paediatric surgical conditions and an opportunity to greatly enhance ones paediatric surgical training. It provides a great platform for future paediatric surgeons and urologists.

    2023 Registrars and Fellows

    Reg Photo 2023

    Back Row: Dr Gayathri Panabokke, Dr Kate Barnes, Dr Mariana Antunes Morgado and Dr Jessica Rayner

    Front Row: Dr Benjamin O'Sullivan, Dr Mithila Sivasubramaniam and Dr Robert McCusker

    2022 Registrars and Fellows

    Reg Photo 2022

    From left to right: Dr Adelene Houlton, Dr Mariana Antunes Morgado, Dr Vivek Meiyappan (Senior Registrar), Dr Delphine Arni, Dr Jessica Rayner, Dr Jana Muraliharan, Dr Mithila Sivasubramaniam, Dr Robert McCusker

    2021 Registrars and Fellows

    Reg Photo 2021

    From left to right: Dr Colin Brook, Dr Vivek Meiyappan, Dr Mariana Morgado, Dr Sharman Tan Tany, Dr Annette Chang, Dr Phil Urquhart, Dr Matt Jones, Dr Liesel Porrett (Senior Registra), Dr Roberta Iacona

    2020 Registrars and Fellows

    2020 Registrars & Fellows Photo - Paediatric Surgery

    From left to right: Dr Kiarash Taghavi, Dr Liam Quinn, Dr Shareena Lala, Dr Brendan O'Connor (Senior Registrar), Dr Mithila Sivasubramaniam, Dr Phil Urquhart, Dr Sheryer Naqvi, Dr Jan Miguel Deogracias, Dr Liesel Porrett

    2019 Registrars and Fellows

    2019 Registrars and Fellows

    Back Row: Dr Shareena Lala, Dr Phil Urquhart, Dr Liam Quinn, Dr Sarah Marshall Niles
    Front Row: Dr Sharman Tan Tanny, Dr Kiarash Taghavi (Senior Registrar), Professor John Hutson, Dr Victoria Forsdick, Dr Colin Brooks

    2018 Registrars and Fellows

    2018 registrars and fellows

    Back Row: Dr Shazad Akram, Dr Matt Jones, Dr Colin Brook, Dr Kiarash Taghavi
    Front Row: Dr Flo Ngu,  Dr Bernadita Troncoso Solar Professor John Hutson, Dr Eilen Saekang, Dr Giorgio Steffanuti

    2017 Registrars and Fellows

    2017 Registrars and Fellows

    Back Row: Dr Annie Roberts, Dr Giorgio Steffanuti, Dr Prabhu Sekeran, Dr Flo Ngu
    Front Row: Dr Bernadita Troncoso Solar, Dr Nicole Avery, Dr Kate Burnand

    2016 Registrars and Fellows


    Back Row: Dr Tanvir Chowdhury, Dr Lefteris Stathopoulos, Dr Jose Campos
    Front Row: Dr Margaret Mutch, Dr Annie Roberts, Professor John Hutson, Dr Jennifer Ah Toy, Dr Puntharee Taisab
    Absent: Mr Hemal Kodikara

    2015 Registrars and Fellows

    2015 Registrars

    Back Row: Dr Annie Roberts, Dr Aurore Bouty, Dr Mohammed Bader, Dr Allison Scott, Dr Jennifer Ah Toy
    Front Row: Dr Sergei Vavilov, Professor John Hutson, Dr Hemal Kodikara